Kua’fon farming

(Stompypotato) #1

Someone mentioned this guy a few days ago and it dawned on me that I never really tried to farm him.

So for the past few days I have killed a few hundred of the Blood-Gorged Dino birds by the temple in Zanchul with no luck at all.

Is this the best spot or is there another location that has a better drop-rate? Wowhead’s data is less than dependable in my experience.


(Verheinen) #2

I’ve killed so many of those things and no drop.

(Bojanglz) #3

Wait, this is only a Horde thing and no Alliance version? hmmm interesting or is Wowhead just not updated?

(Spardot) #4

I’ll slip in a little odd thing I’ve noticed and I’ve noticed this for other drops as well

I farmed up the egg for kua’fon at the beginning of the expansion but one unique thing I noticed was there was no real loot discrepancy between massive pulls verses small ones

As soon as I stopped kiting the entire area around and aoe’ing down and just pulling 1 dino at a time, it dropped within 10 minutes. I’ve had this happen multiple times in the past with farming other things.

(Stompypotato) #5

Hmm. I will give that try. Thank you.

To Bojangz, great name first of all. Secondly, yes, it is a horde only mount at this point.

(Grumbles) #6

Correct, this is a Horde only thing - however people have said Alliance toons can use it after it’s been unlocks on the Horde side. I’m still farming the stupid egg so I can’t answer for sure.

In theory, this will balance out when we get the oft hinted “bee” mount in 8.2. The bee mount has not made an appearance yet on the PTR so it’s still a mystery.


And good luck Stompypotato!

(Snikrot) #7

Whenever there was a WQ in either area (or if I had to pass through either area to get to the WQ I was going to) I would just AoE the area down and I eventually got it. I would say that I probably killed less than 100 pteradactyls for it and I got it in the area with all their nests.

(Bojanglz) #8

Thanks for the tid bits! As for the bee, it isn’t on the PTR because from what it sounded like they removed it due to the Horde being upset. I assume though they will make it for both (because as we know the Alliance can’t ever have something cool and different unless the horde can too) or a cash shop mount.

(Applebear) #9

It is a horde only thing…but you can use it on both ally and horde toons after you obtain it.

To the OP, I got it off the mobs you are farming after about 1 1/2-2 hours of farming. I can’t say I did anything real special, just pulled anywhere from 1-3 mobs at a time until it dropped. Good luck!

(Ðoomaxe) #10

I don’t do any of those drop mounts in BFA because they seem to be around 0.01% chance. I killed so many Blood Troll for their mount and never got it so gave up. You’re either lucky or your like me and you’re not. :frowning:

(Scald) #11

Wrong from what i’ve seen on data pulls is that the bee is similar to Kua’fon farm something that starts a quest and go on from there.

(Stompypotato) #12


Finally got it this evening. Lost track of how many I killed, but I managed to get 20 stacks of scales. They appear to drop an average of 3 scales each, so I estimate that I killed in excess of 1200 dino birds.

Dear God, that was probably one of the most annoying items to farm. More so than the Crusader enchant off those 3 mobs in the tower in the Plaguelands. I did that one 3 times and it wasn’t nearly as frustrating as this one.

(Verheinen) #13

Grats m’man. That’s awesome

(Tsavis) #14

I have no idea I wasn’t even trying for it and I happened to notice it in my backpack. So hopefully that will turn up for you that way.