Kryian campaign start

So…I’m getting around to the Kyrian campaign finally and I don’t seem to understand why we condemn poor Ben to the maw.

We knew as soon as we arrived in Oribos that the Arbiter was busted and the souls were going directly to the maw but we essentially don’t say anything to Kleia?

I can only guess that everyone was running on the assumption that the Kyrians knew the system was broken. They Should have been the first to figure it out, since their main job is to ferry souls to the Shadowlands

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The Kyrian story is… difficult to grasp to say the least.

I’m assuming it’s because the Kyrian’s main job is to ferry souls to the afterlife, whatever happens to them after that is not of their concern or within their power to control. They are pretty much bound by code of the Archon’s making, and any deviation from that puts a target on their back.

While this had the potential to be a very interesting story of moral vs duty, Blizz (as usual) went with ‘OKAY THEY R EVIL THO’ even though the Kyrian finding out that the cycle was broken had plenty of reasons to be raising their eyebrows at the Archon and their ‘duty’. Not to mention if they didn’t fulfil this purpose, the mortal realms would probably be overrun by wayward souls.

I would love some sort of follow-up though, I really hope Ben gets his deserved afterlife.


And this is one of those story beats that Blizzard just needed to explain just abit more and it would have been fine. Heck, just a line that went something like “I know this sucks, but we still have to ferry souls to Oribos otherwise the universe is going to implode or something” would have been sufficient!

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Honestly I sort of admire their halfass, ‘not my job’ attitude to ferrying the souls of the dead. Kicking problems up the ladder to someone paid enough to care about these sorts of things is a time honored tradition.

The trouble is Bastion itself is so self serious and focused on discipline and meditation. So you’d think this would cause a reaction beyond /shrug.

If anything it was a missed opportunity to have Bastion be this Mecha Elysian afterlife but all the people there are apathetic office drones who stopped caring several eons ago.


Because the Kyrian’s job is to deliver souls to the Arbiter… PERIOD.

However, since the Arbiter isn’t online to receive and assign them, they wind up falling to the Maw. Now that the Arbiter has been replaced the old status quo has been restored.