Kromkrush Imbalance!

@Dev’s, please pay attention to this post. There are no longer any alliance left on this server. I was once told by a horde friend on this server, " to see an an alliance is like seeing a zebra". It is impossible to find a group, guild, forget about a raid or dungeon. Please help with this devs. A merger or opening transfers would help us out, especially those like me who transferred here without doing homework and are on cooldown. Thanks

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Blame your fellow Horde, they are the cause the Alliance left.

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Maybe if the horde hadnt universally been complete a-holes, the entire server wouldnt have left to Benediction. Reap what you sow.


In phase 2 one time I found Leffyclense in searing gorge. I killed him 8 times from searing gorge until he made it to the UBRS entrance. He would spawn, run 10 feet, die, res, run back, repeat.

Why didn’t that downs guy give me an ‘axe to the face’ as seen in his dumb forum troll posts?

I made him transfer. Lmfao, get off my server.

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Thats pretty tough. Surprised you were man enough to camp him solo.

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Sooooo Crushing the Alliance wasnt a good thing?

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I’ve been playing a bit the last couple days - Alliance player count online for the whole server is 4 at the lowest I’ve seen, and 11 at the highest - one of those is clearly a bot farming Slave Pens for god only knows what reason at this point…

So, this is pretty hilarious, but one of my guildies was intentionally killing Alliance yesterday and ended up finding you and killing you.

I’m quitting WoW (Don’t have time anymore), and I essentially told my guildies that if they found an alliance and killed them, then they’d get 500g per kill. It appears that you were the unlucky one…

I was thinking that it’d be an impossible game of where’s Waldo, but I was wrong.

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What was his name? I’ve had a few 70s get me, but usually it’s when I’m trolling at the entrance for Ramps or diving into Thrallmar to try to snag a kill. I’ve managed to take down 6 different 70s at this point - I may have a screenshot of your friend on the ground…

Also, your friend sounds like the type of person that would sneak onto a nature reserve to try to hunt the rare animal whose species is endangered and brag about it. Might refer him to a psychologist…

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I have also been snacking on a few Horde kids in the peninsula. Y’all have gotten soft and don’t travel in the packs of your glory days. I find it hilarious that every time I kill a horde near my level within 1-2 minutes there is a 70 flying around looking for an easy kill. We are not all gone. Not …quite … yet.

Any time an allie is spotted in Outland, that info is called out in global chat so horde heroes can immediately go and kill the allie rat.

Every time that info is announced, horde heroes excitedly hand raise and announce in global chat they’re on their way.

The job won’t be done until the last allie quits or transfers. Keep the pressure up, boys!

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