Kromcrush <Stasis> 11/11 2/2 looking for core raiders!


We are a semi-casual hardcore raiding guild that raid on the following times:

We are currently raiding from 8-11 EST (server time)
We raid Tuesday (Gruuls and Mag) and saturday (Kara full clear))
We are currently working on downing Mags, only need better raiders.
We plan on extending the raiding days from Tuesday and Saturday to Tuesday, wednesday and saturday.

Our core officers and guild leaders have experienced Original TBC as hardcore T5-T6 raiders.
(SSC full cleared and TK full cleared along with 9/9 black temple, 5/5 Hyjal and 3/6 Sunwell).

Our guild is built around trust, attendance and honesty.
We are running Loot council and distributing loot to raiders depending on their attendance, performance and general behavior. We aren’t a guild that will gear their ‘‘favorite players/raiders’’, we gear those who deserve their spot and we make sure the gear/loot says ‘‘within raid’’. Otherwise progression is harder to obtain when loot just leaks out of the guild.

Right now we have a 25 men roster for t4 but we all know that we will need more than this for t5 content.

So here you come in!

We need any class/spec that will have over 80% attendance, that will be ready for raid invites when they come out, that will have their food, flask, enchants, gems, ready to go.

Essentially, we now are looking for raiders that think they can show to us they’re worth!
If you believe this is you, come on in, whisper us in game or in discord.
Tim_Heidecker#6739 or Stormstriker (ingame name)

We want to see T5 content down then T6 when it comes down.
If you’re tired of wasting your time, want to be part of a chill/friendly guild but that takes raiding content seriously, apply to us!

We are currently full on paladin and warrior tanks, but are open to every other class and races.

so yeah, what are you waiting for!
Come raid with us, see stuff go down and have fun!