<Kriegs Maschine> recruiting for battle of dazar'alor

Hey guys. is recruiting loyal and dedicated dps and healers to join or raid team for “battle of Dazar’Alor”

We are a specially looking for raid healers like resto druids, resto shammy, disc priests and monks…

We are accepting people of all raid expedience and even players who are still levelling.

The faster you join the better as the guild is rill running Uldir until B. O. A’D to get new nemebers geared and easy to hit Dazar’Alor hard.

So please hit me up fast so we can get you ready to go on day 1.

We are a very generous guild, we provide flasks, prepots, enchants and other consumable.

We have a friendly group of guys who run m+ most every night. So we are looking for new members who will fit in with our comunity and take part. Good luck.

Please message me on schmerz#1516… Please don’t add me and say nothing, if you add me say hi, I won’t bite. Please pass this on if you know anyone else who would be interested