Korthia rep catch up - Too late?

Per PTR 9.1.5 Development Notes - #12 by Linxy-11302

I’m wondering if these catch-ups are going to be too late. I’d like to hope that whatever 9.2 is, it’s currently being worked on as well, and that we’re not waiting, like, 4-6 months between 9.1.5 and 9.2.

Either way, it’s kinda late in the patch for a 50% catch up on alts and all of these moving parts, yeah? Why not just make this specific rep and everything account-wide? We’re likely getting something to replace it in 9.2 and this just feels like a lot of unnecessary work for everyone from player to dev.

Put something like this in the 9.2 system up front where it belongs, IMO, and just streamline this specific process for players and their alts. Because, based on past trends, this stuff won’t be anything we’re even interacting with in 9.2.


For returning players or players that stopped doing Korthia it is helpful. But yes what exactly is the time table for 9.2 because these changes might be coming too late. Or, it might be what keeps many others occupied if 9.2 is many months away!

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Well, it still requires a player to get all the way up first before alts can even benefit. So returning players would still have to do the initial grind.


i personally never grind the venari rep in 9.0 or do any quest in korthia in 9.1
gating player power level behind content that people don’t want to do is just dumb


Or you just grind the same raid and mythic dungeons over and over.

You want button to push to get stuff from korthia? Why are you playing and MMO to start with…they are all grinds.