Korean action movie recommendations

Here are some Korean movies that I enjoy.
Films all have top movie stars with excellent acting.
Almost all are free online or on Netflix.

  1. The Good, the Bad, the Weird
    Western cowboy setting action movie which is full of action, good story and some twists

  2. The Man from Nowhere
    Super action film where guy goes on revenge spree kind of…to save a kid

  3. Train to Busan
    Zombie film, highly rated

  4. Assassination
    Spy film with plenty of u guessed it…assassinations!
    Korea vs Japan

  5. The Berlin Files
    Spy action film

  6. Age of Shadows
    Spy action resistance film

  7. Secretly, Greatly
    Comedy action film
    NKorean spies in South Korea

  8. Steel Rain
    Spy thriller action film where NKorean spy goes to SKorea

  9. Confidential Assignment
    Another Nkorean spy goes to Skorea action film

  10. Luck Key
    Action comedy hilarious film
    Top assassin loses his identity after a coma and takes on other jobs.

  11. The Villainess
    Wow…the first person view action scene is amazing!
    Female assassin, kills everyone.

  12. Joint Security Area
    Not really an action film but is really good.
    On human interactions in the DMZ between NKorean and Skorean soldiers.

  13. The Outlaws
    Gang warfare and a Police guy stopping them

Not a movie but a drama series.
Story of a secret society controlling events in the world and national agents trying to discover what is going on.
Very good drama series, my fav drama series
There is also a condensed movie version but the drama is much better.