Known Issue Causing Crashes

We’ve identified a bug that’s causing crashes in the Dragonflight Beta.

It has to do with code that’s fixed in the next build, so while we are trying to develop and deploy a hotfix for it tomorrow, if we’re unsuccessful, this bug could persist until our next full build deploy next week.

Thank you for your reports.


So uh… has that new build come out yet, or…?

Cause crashing every few minutes from coming in for a landing while dragonriding (or someone around me doing the same) is getting really annoying.

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Same I’m still crashing frequently with Dragon Riding.

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Same here…it’s aggravating as all get out.

Sometimes I have to just walk away for a while and cool down since it’s hard to actually TEST things if you can’t stay connected. :frowning:

The client’s crash still continues every 1 min with the game open.
In this way there is no way to test the game

Would be nice if they would clarify if this is in regards to the Intel Mac Crashing Problem or if this is a Windows based crashing issue. Mac users are very concerned right now.

Been having the same crash for the longest time on the beta now. It crashes after picking any character on the beta and going into the loading screen. It will freeze and crash. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, deleted wtf folder, updated all drivers and restarted computer many times. the beta wont even do a scan and repair past 22%. It will then say Whoops! Looks like something broke." I’m not sure what else I can do. I was able to play the beta before there was raid testing and then since that update I can no longer enter the game. Tried chatting with support and they said to come to here and maybe something will happen. Please if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know!