Know Any Demo Lock PvP Streamers?

Title^, tryna watch some demo lock PVP gameplay in my downtime but can’t seem to find any demo lock PVP streamers. Thanks! but i haven’t seen him streaming in a few months. don’t stream with good frequency either

both are very good in pvp.


Sorry brother most of us are taking breaks… Mgod does stream every now and again… I am taking a game break till 9.2 probably.


Noted, enjoy your break! Hopefully some more demo locks stream xD

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Kalamazi site have a list of streamers, maybe there is a PvP’r in there who plays Demo, but not sure.

Maldiva is big r1 Warlock Pvp’r but i think he sticks more for Aff, but its worth a shot.

Appreciate it! I’ll check mgodxtv out