Klungo fix server queue

It’s so crazy… it just might work.


Box can only go so big. So they make many boxes.

Then push people to those new boxes.

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I vote Klungo to be new Horde Warchief


the men will not go into new box, new box smell funny and new thing scary


Klungo for President!

Close the old box and the men will go wherever

No close old box. New box not home. Old box home. Horde heart where at home. Old box is at home.

Make old box bigger. Make home bigger.

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Hopefully blizz can finally undersatnd with these top tier illustrations

Blood and thunder!

Steinbrenner: Hire this man!

Good news, friend Klungo.
Blizzard found another box.

There’s work work to be done in that new box.

You win the internet. Congratulations!

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Now this is a fantastic idea.

The Zugzug that could.
Klungo, the King, the God.

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This is what I am talking about. This is a brilliant idea! Love it!!!

big hand make big box big good, but who make big hand?

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me bump thread in trying time for all to see


Finally something that Blizzard can understand

Klungo wins the day!

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