King's Rest bugging out?

Posting here and in Bug Report, but wanna see if this has been affecting anyone else.

Has anyone been getting hit by random huge chunks of damage in KR, no matter the difficulty?

Has happened a total of 3 times within the past few days, and just a couple minutes ago, it happened twice: once in the add room before serpent boss, and once on final boss.

In the add room occurrence, combat log showed nothing, skada showed nothing, and yet I was one shot on a full health toon by an unknown ability. We were on top of interrupting, and I wasn’t near the adds since I play mostly ranged dps.

In the most recent run where it happened twice, it happened once again in the same exact spot as before, and it also happened during final boss. I was playing my mage and we were running a +6. ~Mage is 445 and 345k health. Had a full ice shield, which is ~75k absorption.

Was targeted with quaking leap, got out of group, and died the instant the cast finished.

Combat log caught it this time, and showed that I only took 175k damage from leap, 60k of which was absorbed, and yet I was still 100%-0% in one hit.
Tried to include links, but forums aren’t letting me link screenshot I have which shows that only things that were coming up before the 175k hit was overhealing from our healer.

Am I going insane? Once again, this is a +6, so either my logs are lying to me and I’m taking way more damage than they’re saying (would have to be ~450k in one ability), or KR is bugged.

You’re most likely spell stealing from the Minions of Zul in there.

They have a shield, Bound by Shadow, that increases their damage output and absorbs 60k damage. When the shield is removed/falls off, it kills whoever had it.

From what you’re describing you are spell stealing that shield.

I see why you’d say that, but it didn’t just happen on my mage. It happened to me on my druid, too, and it was before or after we killed the minions.

On the most recent run, I did not spellsteal since we had a belf and a priest that just used racial and mdispel