Kings Rest - 7 Times in a Row

(Awetosis) #1

Please Blizzard. Let us break our keys again. I feel like we are just waiting for this wave of Blizzard employees to be fired so that the next wave listen to some of our concerns.

I run a decent stream where, like many, I raffle completely free +10 weekly dungeons to help people who are new or not being invited to groups due to io. This week, my carry team and myself have been cursed with Kings Rest and Shrine over and over. We do them on 11 expecting to fail them(our winners usually aren’t much help or afk).

I myself am not concerned with raider io. I just want to grind keys for people and occasionally help people with higher keys. I’ve read many posts complaining about removing the breaking of keys, please bring it back.


I don’t want them to return breaking keys again, but there really needs to be some form of BLP on what keys we get.

(Awetosis) #3

Yeah I’m open to any fix.


The only scenarios I have grown to hate is a full guild group that is:

Shrine 12
Shrine 11
KR 13
KR 10
Siege 12

Run the Siege, turns into Shrine. Might be better if there were more than 10 dungeons, but right now this is super common. I ran 4 WMs in the same day because that was the key we all had and it seems like other keys just don’t exist a majority of the time.

(Taree) #5

Yes, we need something. I had Shrine 11. We failed that and it became an Atal 10. Which then became a Shrine 9. Two of my alts had Shrine keys. It’s comical now how often I get this awful key.

It would be interesting to see how many people blacklist this dungeon if they added that for just one week.

(Wetpaper) #6

My 10 freehold became an 11 freehold. Previous to that my friends who I play with had 2 more 10 freeholds.

No complaints here.

(Hapablap) #7

Every single key Ive pushed past 20 has turned into a ML or Siege in the past 2 weeks. Was actually in a group last week that ended up with 5 20+ MLs. We just gave up and quit for the week.

(Cyantific) #8

If you’re failing Atal keys I don’t think any keys are good keys for you.


I think if you time a key it should give you the option of 3 different dungeons. Blizzard is worried about people pushing high keys by running a select few dungeons but in reality what they should do is just balance the dungeons more. My io shouldn’t be punished because I was unlucky to have a group of 5 and between us we have 2 keys on a push week.

(Cyantific) #10

If you’re running with a static group your IO score doesn’t matter and you should focus on a getting good at every dungeon.


Lul what. The dungeons aren’t inherently harder other than the fact they’re imbalanced. Told dagor on 20 is significantly easier than fortified siege 20. It has nothing to do with ‘being good at every dungeon’


I feel your pain. I get Shrine every single week in the chest. If I don’t get Shrine, and I do my key, it turns into Shrine. If I do my Shrine key, it turns into Shrine. It’s absurd.

(Seèlah) #13

We had 7 Siege keys last week (4 started with siege, 5th went to siege after 1st key, then 2 more sieges after that).

(Cyantific) #14

It’s incredible that you’ve managed to contradict yourself within two sentences.

Your IO score doesn’t matter if you have a static group. Rather than focusing on a third party metric designed to enable PuGs, you should be focusing on pushing your personal record for each dungeon.


Wrong. Your io score is compared to other groups and other people that play your class for prestige, just like arena rating is. My point is imbalanced dungeons and RNG can prevent you from getting higher keys with a better success rate on dungeons you could push your io with. But honestly wouldn’t expect someone who plays a meta class and is only 1300 to understand that.

(Cyantific) #16

Your point is that you need external metrics to justify the time you spend on something. If I was the same way I’d definitely be pissed off that I can only play a couple hours a night and that pushing my score is completely dependant on what keys get listed in that timeframe.

But I’m not and have realistic expectations on what I can get done and shoving my IO score is just a tool to enable getting into successively better pugs.