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[H] | Arugal PvP | Semi-Hardcore | Tbc Classic.
Raid Times:
Day 1: Tuesday 7:30-10:30pm AEST.
Day 2: Wednesday 7:30-10:30pm AEST.

Loot System:
10 man: MS>OS
25 man: LC - Every item that goes to Loot Council is distributed with merit, attendance and suitability in mind.

About us and what we expect -

  • We are a Semi-Hardcore guild with the goal to clear all pre-nerf TBC content efficiently while maintaining a positive and enjoyable raiding environment.

  • We encourage applicants with a strong team first mentality who have a thick skin and the ability to take in constructive criticism/banter.

  • All Raiders are expected to fully consume and be in their Pre-Bis/BiS gear with correct enchants/gems.

  • Raiders are to maintain an attendance of at least 85% and to come well prepared for each raid.

  • Guild members are required to treat each other with respect and dignity as befitting adults and if you engage in toxic and hostile behavior towards other members you will be swiftly removed.

Recruitment -

  • High Priority: Arcane Mage
  • Pvpers & Socials

For further information if you are interested then you can contact for further information. -Or can DM: Bored#8679, Roobix#0574 and Tchort#8647.

if i have good attendance of at least 85%, i get my slot for raid?

Hi, We encourage a high attendance rate so we can maintain a tight core without having to sub to often.

The classes that we are recruiting are for core positions which would be a secured raid spot depending on Trial performance.

Still looking.