Kinda want to level entirely on pet battles

My priest leveled though Legion and well into BfA levels just picking herbs and mining in her garrison to make bags. I didn’t like what they did with Shadow so that’s all she did. But, I finally leveled her the last few levels with the Korrak event.

I have never leveled a character fully only using pet battles, but I have gotten tons of levels from it.

do wild pet battles give any/much xp?

They can. It depends what level they are versus the level of you and your pets. If you’re roughly on the same level they can give about 70% xp of what a quest at level would give you each time.

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I think he said he also did pet battles?

He reaches max level every expansion, on that neutral panda.


Awesome, thanks. That gives me great hope too. I believe this is how i’m gonna do my first Vulpera. Something about the nomadic scavenger vibe with make camp, etc. Feels “right”. I might add a little bit of herbalism/mining/archeology to the mix just because I feel like it doesn’t detract from the idea of being a nomad wanderin the world and training his little army of beasts.

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I actually leveled up some of my 110s to 120 this expansion just doing pet battles. You end up with gear issues though.

I can kit em out with benthic / 8.3 catch up gear I get on my primary characters. If I actually went from 1-120 on pet battles, I’d probably just keep going with pet battles when SL comes out.

Yes you can use heirlooms and benthic gear now but at the time I leveled them neither of those were options so I did the crafted gear thing.

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How would your skills be unlearned? Isn’t everything learned automatically now? Or am I having a moment here?

(Entirely possible…)

I have never done it entirely with pet battles, but definitely hit gaps where I just focus on doing the pet battles and it can end up lasting for several levels here and there.

I did this to about level 80 in MoP, I believe. Also, Sir Galveston is up today in Dalaran. Great for leveling pets!

I sit a low level character next to a particular pet battle master and frequently do the daily, and I’ve levelled that up about 20 levels just doing that one pet battle.

I heard about a group of 3rd graders who leveled up doing nothing other than killing boars.


Do you get a lot of xp from regular pet battles? I never noticed. I know you can get a lot from the trainer ones.(NM I read the rest of the thread)

Hmm I think I’m going to try it next time I’m bored.:stuck_out_tongue:

The way you do it is through daily quests. On eastern kingdoms or kalimdor depending on your faction you can find a paw print on the map . Just push M and look at the entire continent view, you will see some paw prints, those are the ones. Go to them and accept the quest, and defeat the trainer.
I found I only do this once my characters learn flying, it is too annoying to run to them. It is a nice way to get some bars of experience when you don’t feel like another dungeon but just need a few bars to ding next level.
You can also pet battle\quest them on other continents as well, although the easiest pets to defeat are in the 2 places I mentioned.

So we can be the very best, like no one ever was? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think he’s still doing it


Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric are in the 4th grade!

How dare you get this very important fact wrong! :rofl:

You don’t get a heap of XP from each wild pet battle, but you can get through battles very fast.

I’ve leveled toons in both Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Valley of the Four Winds, battling fast respawning water strider and grasshopper type pets in spots where even a level 1 character is safe.

For those battles my preferred team is 2 cheap vendor pets, Cornish Rex and Yellow Butterfly, both high attack breed, and a carry pet of any level.

You can also leave toons camping pet tamers. Choose a few easy tamers, dump toons at them and battle them each day and each toon slowly levels and you level a new pet each day.