Kinda want to level entirely on pet battles

I’m sure it’s been done, but I’m thinking about making an alt specifically to level up battle pets and I figured… why not level them up entirely through pet battle combat.

I have collected pets but not done a ton of the actual pet battle stuff so far, I’m super interested in it but I dunno how well this would work. Has anyone done any extensive pet battle action for experience, can you just repeat battles against hte various trainers in the world to ‘grind’, do you get xp for beating rando wild pets?

It was the fastest way to level at one point in MoP.

You usually get about 60% of quest XP per pet battle from my experience.


Good experience in pet battles but to sololy level that way might put behind gear wise

If you do this, you have to dress your character as Ash Ketchum.


I’ve leveled up a LOT of random alts in weird ways. Right now with Benthic and the new 8.3 BoA stuff, I can get em up to a relatively decent iLevel with a little farming on one of my better geared characters so that’s not a concern.

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That is a quirky leveling method.

But one i cannot argue against.

why not Misty? =\

ok that works too, you didnt specify male or female =P

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The gears not concern then yes. Pet battles there are surprisingly more fun than I thought they would be

I’ve been doing this on a couple of alts for years. In my experience, it’s best to also occasionally do some other activities that make the character stronger.

For example, when I reached the point where I wanted to move a pet battler character to Deadwind Pass, to battle Lydia Accoste and the surrounding wild Arcane Eyes every day for a few days, I got killed going into Deadwind Pass.

Which was a matter of my gear being very low level, and some of my best skills being unlearned.


Hrm… yeah. I’ve got pretty much all the standard and guild vendor heirlooms so that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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Well, remember that guy who got to max level herbing on the turtle.


There are 5 daily tamers (Westfall, Redridge, Duskwood, Cape of Stranglethorn, and N. Barrens) that can be fought and then turned in on an alt. I’ve done this with a new character stationed in SW with a leveling potion and or leveling buff such as the one from the Faire. The bonuses last for a lot of levels if you’re just logging quickly to turn in 5 quests and then logging off.

The Legion trainers for the Family Fighter achievement can be fought over and over the days they’re a WQ and give full quest xp each time. I’ve leveled a bunch of alts 110-120 doing that.


My priest leveled though Legion and well into BfA levels just picking herbs and mining in her garrison to make bags. I didn’t like what they did with Shadow so that’s all she did. But, I finally leveled her the last few levels with the Korrak event.

I have never leveled a character fully only using pet battles, but I have gotten tons of levels from it.

do wild pet battles give any/much xp?

They can. It depends what level they are versus the level of you and your pets. If you’re roughly on the same level they can give about 70% xp of what a quest at level would give you each time.

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I think he said he also did pet battles?

He reaches max level every expansion, on that neutral panda.


Awesome, thanks. That gives me great hope too. I believe this is how i’m gonna do my first Vulpera. Something about the nomadic scavenger vibe with make camp, etc. Feels “right”. I might add a little bit of herbalism/mining/archeology to the mix just because I feel like it doesn’t detract from the idea of being a nomad wanderin the world and training his little army of beasts.

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I actually leveled up some of my 110s to 120 this expansion just doing pet battles. You end up with gear issues though.