Killing Mor'geth doesn't count towards Shaping Fate anymore?

I’d still get renown from it, it shows as complete, but like many others, it doesn’t show as completed on my map.

Previous to 9.1.5, I’d get 25% towards Shaping Fate, but it seems like it doesn’t work anymore. I got renown on two toons and 0% progress towards Shaping Fate last week and this week.

I got Shaping Fate credit OK just now. Looks like the reward/credit process is bugged again for some players.

Just did it on another character and I got credit for it… I don’t understand why this is so inconsistent? It used to be guaranteed that killing Mor’geth granted 25% towards Shaping Fate.

Shaping Fate not working right for me either I finished off a rare and Mor’geth slain says complete but wont first time ever for me and jailer efforts remain 94%.

Just did this today on my shaman and got 0% credit for it :frowning:

You have to wait for Mor’geth to respawn and then the ingot drops and the quest credit appears.