Kill Tiras Race

Hello, I just started WoW and boosted my character. I was wondering where do I start to unlock the Kul Tiras quest? I really like them ( :

First, you’ll need to do the main storyline for each of the 3 zones to get the Loremaster of Kul Tiras achievement. So, head down to where Cyrus and use the scouting map to start any of the zones. Once you’ve got the Loremaster achievement for a zone, you can go back to the map to pick the next zone you wand to do.

After you’ve done all 3 you willl unlock the ability to do the Pride of Kul Tiras storyline.

You’ll also have to do the War Campaign up through the point where you get the Tides of Vengeance achievement. (This is independent of the other stuff, so you can do it at any point.) If you look at the top of your quest log, there will be a special section for the War Campaign, that will help you know what the next step you need is. (When in doubt, go the to boat where Halfred Wyrmbane is.)

Until the pre-patch hits, exalted rep with Proudmoore Admiralty is required. (That requirement will be dropped in the pre-patch.) As a new player, the other quest lines will probably take enough time that we’ll be in the pre-patch when you get it done, so I wouldn’t worry about this requirement.