Kill off Liadrin

Oh Liadrin you so crazy

“The light is on the Horde’s side”

is it? is it really? seems the only one who cares about the light on the Horde is you and the blood knights who regressed back into worshipping it. And some gobby priests who want tax benefits.
I heard the new Blood Knight set quest also has you going around as the blade of the light.

Time to get rid of this character. She is bad for Horde because she is basically an Alliance character flagged as Horde and spends as much time around the Draenei as the Horde. An old school blood knight should just assassinate her or something.


Liadrin in Hearthstone is much better.

BfA destroyed several characters.


Blood elves in hearthstone are much better.

Actually everything in hearthstone might be better.


The Light responds to belief. So that’s very fitting for a paladin to think. I’d expect the same thing of Alliance paladins or Scarlet Crusade paladins. Their system is about faith and belief made magical manifest.

How is she basically Alliance when she explicitly fights for the Horde?

She definitely doesn’t spend that much time around the Draenei.


I think she had a vision that she has to defend the Horde or something. Even though all the light worshippers are alliance. Apart from that she is like a human male ret paladin on the forums.

She is dangerous. Only competent old style blood knights who manipulate and don’t worship the light, and sunwalkers who understand balance should be wielding this dangerous dogmatic power.
Not even roleplaying. Kill the light.

Well…you see, to some people here, if you don’t eat children and murder innocent people because someone told you too. That must mean said person is clearly alliance


Half-expected this thread to be made by a human paladin.


No they aren’t??

I think you’re really overselling it. Seems way less dangerous than any other magic.

That makes more sense.


Everyone who worships the light is a dogmatic blob of zealotry. Also boring. Liadrin was a free thinker then she turned back to the light. It kills the mind. It killed Draenor and it could kill Azeroth. Light is one of the most dangerous ideologies in the cosmos even Blizzard realized it and started writing it bad recently.
The power should be wielded very carefully without the dogma like the blood knights used to do. Otherwise you become like lightforged Draenei.


I mean…

Blood elves did consider defecting to the Alliance…


If she was an Alliance character, why was she one of the Horde bosses Alliance fought in Battle for Stromgarde? Other then that, I’m fine with her dying.

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What’s something braindead you think she’s done compared to the other Horde characters?

I fully expect the answer to be something akin to “worship the Light”, and I am here for it.

This thread has brought me smiles.


My guess was ‘saying the Light is with the Horde’ again.

Tbh I think Blood Knights weren’t a great idea from minute one. I think it would have been much cooler to just have Spellbreakers. Paladins but with arcane spell effects. I think that would’ve kept with the Sin’Dorei’s wizard aesthetic a lot better. But it is what it is. The magician angle was abandoned so thoroughly the NBorne now have it through squatter’s rights.

The Sin’Dorei’s focus has been on the Blood Knights who’ve been just regular Paladins and the Farstriders. This is 100% because the Elven Ranger remains an enduringly popular fantasy trope, as is the Knight in Shining Armor. Most people just aren’t playing paladin to mug angels.

And of the leaders of those subfactions I certainly like Liadrian the most as a commander. Brightwing’s greatest achievement is existing and Lor’Themar is kinda a delicate flower of a poet who’s shockingly easy to bully. Liadrin meanwhile has been pretty competent and no nonsense. If she has any misgivings about crushing the Alliance in Arathi she doesn’t show it. And she’s the only big Paladin to stand up to the KotEB in Legion, making them pay for every inch when they sucker punch the Silver Hand.

She’d be about the only one I’d happily follow into battle. Brightwing hasn’t upgraded his gear in 16 years and Lor’Themar’s liable to get distracted writing a haiku about the horrors of war.


Every Horde race can now be priests. The light is spreading.


There is no need to kill Liadrin. Just abandon light worship and kidnap another Naaru. That way blood knights can keep their edge.

Liadrin’s problem was that her character development stood at odds with the terrible direction Blizzard chose to take her faction in. Edgy Liadrin might have worked as a general for a genocidal zombie’s “campaign of destruction”, but not Wholesome Liadrin.

But at this point it’s just a difference of opinion. Posters like OP and the genius above me have a very dim and depressing view on what the Horde should be and characters like Liadrin certainly have no place in it. WoD and the order hall did narrow her identity down to “paladin” a bit too much for my liking, but Legion amended this and I can appreciate that she’s contributed a lot to the Horde. Certainly more than her peers and arguably more than her boss.

Also that new Liadrin vs Arthas duel Hearthstone animated is wicked and should be canon.



Actually Brightwing got a new look in 2014: