Kicked from Island Expedition


You really are among the toxic people that are ruining this game. Plagued with entitlement.


oh come on, that’s not a reason when you go into a group with the finder you take pot luck. You all have to adjust as long as everyone is competing for the normal goal. The rub comes in that most who use the finder don’t know how to do islands. The way he describes it they were doing the right thing to get mounts and rewards. They should have explained it to him first before they kicked. My grieving with Kicking someone is people don’t practice common courtesy and talk it over first. They just waste that persons time with out treating him with any regard. FF14 has a drop down menu that only allows kicking for just cause. Blizzard needs to do the same. And they also have made it so you can cast votes for players for being helpful and doing exceptional jobs. These votes give points and rewards. Those players could have finished with him and then queued again. I know I am posting late, but this subject is one that needs more debate on the forums.


everyone is entitled to common courtesy which was not practiced here.

(Vashk) #28

How about form a 3 man group instead of griefing people that are trying to complete the scenario properly.


I think the deserter buffs are wrong since there is a vote to kick rule. They waste our time and keep us from playing the game during that time based on some really unfair players who kick at the drop of the hat. I am for a drop down menu that lists legitimate reasons to kick a player that they must check. Like: is a bot, etc. That way if you get kicked it is for a legitimate reason. Now they just kick if they feel like it and rarely type in a reason. A group will usually go along even when nothing wrong was done.


I got kicked 1 min into the IE because I asked if the AFK hunter was there. 30 min debuff is so frustrating. Blizz needs to rethink letting two people have that much power to kick someone for no good reason.

(Zunde) #31

The Vote kick system is weird.

In the last island i did we had one person disconnect so i tried to kick them after four minutes of waiting and the other person refused to kick them.

I was then able to vote kick the non-dc person by myself and then kick the disconnected person with the new arrival


Other than to say that the vote-kick system sux because I’ve been a victim of it myself, I don’t know enough about vote-kick, treasure awards, Island Adventures, etc to make a good reply. I try to stick to quests and World Quests for now. Too much to do in WoW and never enough time to do it all.

I hate doing dungeons. Everyone is always in a rush to get to the last boss. While I’m trying to look around and figure out what is where and find any NPCs that are required to complete quests.

I remember seeing something about how a group leader can be removed. I think that’s wrong because if a group leader created the group for a particular reason/goal, NOBODY should be able to remove the leader and send the group off doing something else. If the other players don’t like what the leader is doing, they can leave the group and find another one suited to their goals.

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It’s called majority rules… The majority of a group wants to do it one way, your the odd one out… Your the one refusing to work with the groups objectives making YOU the entitled little brat not the other way around

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Yep. Some Druid went afk on the boat at the start of the island, so I vote kicked him, and it said the kick failed, so I asked the Mage a couple times if he knew him and no response, so I then typed in party, ok cool, I’ll go afk too, and got kicked from the Island with 30 minute deserter debuff. And you can’t report players for griefing either. Fantastic job.

(Cambodius) #35

thanks. Reporting you now.


Can’t tell if trolls or not but some of these posts are silly. Blizzard specifically said that you no longer need to kill rares and the loot tables are based off what spawns on the island, not what you kill. The fastest, most effective way to farm mounts or islands in general now is to just clear them as fast as you can on the highest difficulty you can manage.

Every creature type that is present on the Island at any given moment will have its potential loot items as possible rewards for all players present when the Island Expedition completes. This does not matter if you win or lose. Lets say you visit Rotting Mire; this particular week Rotting Mire is inhabited by a lot of Pirates. In addition to those pirates, you find some Tol’vir and Mogu enemies by rare chance. About halfway through, the Island suddenly becomes invaded by Fire Elementals. You then finish the Island Expedition; at that time you have the chance to receive items based around Pirates, Tol’vir, Mogu, AND Fire Elementals. You could receive several items around those creatures, and you could receive nothing. It is only a chance.

If for whatever reason you still don’t believe that, form a full group of people that want to follow your sillyness instead of kicking valid players who are doing what they should.

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I’m confused with this. I mean in battlegrounds if someone wants to kick you get this cow image saying you should be in combat(which sucks if you’re defending a node), but in this there is no warning it’s just “poof” you’re out.

It sucks getting kicked and not being told a reason, a warning, or anything. When I’m helping out the team, etc. It just doesn’t make sense(especially when it’s at 5700 out of 6000).

(Zunde) #38

Getting kicked on my 110 Island twink running some normals to pass the time because of stupid people.


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They are kicking you because it increases the loot table for them… yes it is sad but the only fix is start your own group or run with a friend and then you cant be kicked


A fix would be to remove the incentive for kicking members arbitrarily.

(Ulthané) #41

Doesnt matter if the rare dies or not. They changed it to where if it spawns you are eligible for it’s loot table.