Kicked from Island Expedition

(Plyte) #1

So I just try to complete my IE on my alts to maintain a reasonable neck level, and I get kicked from an IE because I didn’t want to farm rares.

Now because I don’t want to spend 20 minutes in an expedition because 2 guys want to farm rares, I now sit at 39k/40k AP collected with a 30 minute deserter queue. Het____-BleedingHollow and Ke___-BleedingHollow .

Why is such bad behavior rewarded? If players want to do that, fine, go do a premade and farm. But subjecting random players to your farming because you have simple majority is just bad behavior.

(Lissuh) #2

You shouldn’t name people on forums, it’s against the rules regardless of the reason :frowning: You can get in trouble.

(Plyte) #3

Yeah, its dumb. You can be a complete jackass and WoW is now designed to protect jackasses.

(Zunde) #4

Seems like a legit enough reason to be removed.

Might i suggest grouping up with others next time as to avoid the pesky scenario of you being the odd one out.

(Plyte) #5

That’s not really a solution.

Theres simply no recourse to address bad behavior.

You can troll people quite easily by abusing the votekick system in Warfronts. Get a group of friends together to do a warfront. Then 15 minutes into the warfront, get your friends to votekick someone random out of group. You can just give the reason as AFK, and people assume because the votekick is up that its legitimate.


This is the largest flaw of IE. Some players want to rush through them to finish the weekly, and others want to farm rares for pets/toys/mogs/mounts.


I mean you can put the shoe on the other foot: You clearing as fast as possible is disrupting other player’s chance at loot. You should form a pre-made so that other like minded players will join you without worrying about being kicked. If you don’t want to spend the time, then continue as normal. If you get kicked, log off your character, and log onto another character and proceed. If you are unlucky and continue to get kicked, you can fill the debuff with world quests, since they are better Azerite power per minute(outside the weekly you get for IE). If that still doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always try communicating at the start of the island expeditions and figure out what they want to do. If they want to farm fast, great. If not, follow them to kill rares and it will speed things up and you dont get kicked. There will always be people who exploit the vote kick system, but the system is better than nothing.

(Vashk) #10

They need to get rid of kicking in 3 man groups it is totally unfair. Can’t queue up for this solo anymore without risking getting grouped up with a duo that will force you to help them with rares or get kicked. Kicking is to get rid of people that are afk, not to get rid of people trying to complete the mission. Totally unfair.

(Bullcritt) #11

What they need to do is stop designing random queuable content with multiple competing objectives.

(Swordfísh) #12

What I’ve found with blizzards architecture design is that they give a basic skeleton of game play and leave the rest to players. Look at the map system, look at the find a guild system. It’s minimalistic.

I do agree it would be nice if they would do more here to solve these problems but they likely won’t.

(Quixa) #13

Farming rares isn’t any slower than your method. In the process of farming rares nearly everything gets pulled. All you’re doing is giving up your chance at loot. For no reason.


This post, with all due respect, sounds very hypocritical. You complain that they kick you for not participating as a team member and they kick you because you’re not participating as a team member. Something tells me you would be 40k/40k if you just killed rares with them rather than being stubborn.


THANK YOU for writing this. I’m so sick of getting kicked from these expeditions because I don’t play how someone wants me to play. There is a feature at 120 to create farm groups. If you want to farm rares then use it. You should have NO RIGHT to kick people because they play at a different pace or a different way than what YOU want to play (especially when you’re winning!). This needs to be changed. Make it so people who have personally collected azerite (that proves they aren’t afk) can’t get kicked my bullies who want to farm stuff. It’s infuriating. And the people who say stay with the group? Is that in the rules? Nope. If the player is active and working on the objective (which is not SPECIFICALLY killing rares) then they shouldn’t get booted. If two people want to farm rares, and the other wants to play a different way, leave them alone instead of kicking them like a self entitled child.

(Ironcross) #16

You don’t get anything of long term value, such as mounts and cosmetic rewards, without killing rares. There are tons of other ways for you to level your neck that will be obsolete next expansion.

I hate to break it to you, but you’re going to be continued to be kicked if you refuse to go along and spend the extra 5-10 minutes it takes to win with rares.

I’m stretching to give you some credibility already as I haven’t really seen much of a time difference between the two methods to begin with.

(Cástïél) #17

I read somewhere that the entire team does not receive all the same loot so duos will kick the odd man out to heighten their chance of receiving loot. I dont know how true it is or not but ive been kicked from an island or 2 by a due for no reason. Just a few minutes ago i joined an in-progress island. both team were about 3500, i went and killed a few mobs, got around 800 azerite for our side, and at about 4500 i was removed from the group.

(Cástïél) #18

Appears i received a 30 minute deserter debuff as well. Shi.t like this is another reason people are quitting. The toxic players have nothing stopping them from being toxic

(Plyte) #19

But that’s not what it is.

Imagine queueing into Heroic Dungeons in Wrath and having someone in your party wanting to clear all of the Pit of Saron to farm a Battered Hilt. That’s not what LFG queues are for.

If you want to do something outside the primary purpose of the queue, then make a group for it.

Rare farming isn’t just some short thing. I can complete a heroic island in a pug in normally 6-8 minutes. Rare farming takes upwards of 15-20 minutes.

(Jaerock) #20

IM guilty as charged. me and my friend who have farmed 6 mounts between us kick miners on sight, they get 1 warning . I got chit to do no time for your stupid mining k thnx


Votekick has no place in Islands. They don’t last long enough, and a person not participating how someone else wants has little impact on whether the island will succeed or not.

Remove votekick. Use the Report AFK function from BGs instead.


“They way this has worked is by means of a hidden scorecard that counted your group’s efforts against anything on the island that was part of the invaders’ ecology. So if anyone in the group earned some Azerite from killing invaders or mining Azerite near the invaders, everyone in the group had a chance at the cosmetic rewards.”

You have literally no idea how the loot structure works. Stop being toxic. I agree with Normita that the votekick has little to no place in expeditions. If I run 10 in a day the odds are good I’m getting kicked from one no matter what because everyone has differing ideas on what grants loot, which is obviously Blizzard’s fault and a pretty terrible design decision. I’d love to stop eating 30 minute deserter debuffs or queue cooldowns for it.