Keystone Conqueror: Season One

(Akbartheiiv) #1
So I just finished the last dungeon I needed this week to have every BFA dungeon completed in time for a 10 or higher key. I did not receive the achievement. Is this achieve not on live servers? Or is it similar to how the pvp achieves worked, where it won't come until the end of the season?

(Holymonky) #2
I agree some it would be nice to get some in-game Achievement each time you hit a new milestone in M+, I had a similar experience last week: For some reason a lot of us (in my guild) believed there was an achievement for completing a +15 in time, when I finally did it I was quite disappointed to find out there's none.

I usually don't care too much about random achievements like getting exalted with a faction or completing a story line while questing (it's something you get eventually just by playing) but the hard-earned ones like AOTC or killing a Mythic boss in a Raid feel really good, would be nice to have something similar in M+.

My suggestion would be something like: An achievement for first +10 dungeon completed in time (any dungeon), and another achievement when you complete all dungeons at +10 or higher.. Then this same thing again at +15, +20, (every 5 more levels).

  1. pretty sure there IS an achievement with +15 completion , its called keystone master, if you dont get it , it means you received it in the last expansion on this char.

  2. +10 completion on time really doens’t mean anything 3month into the tier, even casuals are farming it. i really don’t think there should even be an achievement for this. just like 1400 shouldn’t be an achievement for pvp. but i digress

  3. in LFG, no one cares about +10 or +15 achieve. people simply use raider io.

(Akbartheiiv) #4

so the patch is out and I still haven’t received the achieve for completing all dungeons +10 is higher. Not that I really care, just annoying if I have to do them all again for this feat of strength


You already have the achievement my dude, its not seasonal.

(Aewendil) #6

Yeah you already had it a year ago