Keys as disc

I’ve ran a number of keys as disc this last week and was disappointed by the damage numbers. As a healer that heals via damage I anticipated it to be higher. I’m sure part of it is my lack of familiarity with the class, but is it normal for disc to do mediocre damage?

Even though my damage was low I did have a lot of fun. That’s a win and what’s most important.

Disc damage is mostly Mind Sear, the Desaugne trinket (though this goes for all healers) and your covenant ability (normally Kyrian) right now.

I’ve been playing Necrolord and doing about 4.5-5k overall each dungeon, more for junkyard because of zap.

But yeah, Disc ate a lot of nerfs in beta, and never got anything in return for it through several patches, so the damage isn’t great in dungeons right now where you have to focus heal more often.

healer damage is kinda normalised this season with the healing requirements. Most healers will do damage via their trinket to have beefy numbers…

I think it’s a misconception to think that disc should do more damage than the other healers. It’s a healer that heal via doing damage, not a dps that heals.