Key Ring in Classic?

I searched around on the forums and couldn’t find confirmation.

Will the Key Ring will be in at launch, or implemented in one of the Phases?

it’ll be at launch

I remember not having key rings at first. When did we get them?

Are you worried about getting to BRD with the key in your bank?


As far as I know, the key ring wasn’t in at launch of vanilla. Was implemented later in a patch. Reports say 1.11 but it might have been earlier.

The key ring wasn’t in for the stress test, so I doubt it will be at launch. Maybe at a later phase.

No, bags are good for that until the key ring implementation. Just curious if anyone knows. What’s your issue?

I’ve heard others say the same thing, but do you have confirmation of that, or a source?

IIRC, the key ring didn’t appear until you actually had a key to put in it. Did you acquire a key?

Disclaimer: my memory is fuzzy, and that behavior might have been from TBC.

The 1.11 patch notes for the key ring were:

Players now automatically have Keyrings. When a player first acquires a key, they will automatically acquire a keyring that can only hold permanent dungeon keys. The size of the keyring will increase as the player goes up in level up to 12 key slots at level 60.


I did. The key to Benedict’s chest went in my inventory and not on a key ring.

Thats not a permanent dungeon key


Is that a permanent key? Only permanent dungeon keys it says go on the key ring. My Vanilla memory is fuzzy at best so I dont know if Benedict’s chest key is a dungeon key.

They show up when you actually get a key.

It’s supposed to be in the game, as it’s based on the 1.12 client. I don’t know why they would phase it.

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According to this thread from the beta forums, it was not in the closed beta as of 3 weeks ago:

That is inaccurate. While there are some keys that do not go in the keyring, many quest related keys do, including Benedict’s.


Soon as you get your first key you’ll see a small tooltip next to your bags and the slots increase the more keys you get. It was always progressive.


Yes, we do have the Keyring coming to WoW Classic. It won’t be available at launch, but it will be added in the first patch.

We don’t yet have a timeframe for the first patch.

The Keyring should function as it did in original WoW 1.12, with the same capacity and key compatibility.


So I will need to…put them in my bags? whaaaaaaaaa


Awesome news! Thank you for confirming the details of our beloved keyring Kaivax! Lots of people have been wondering about this.