Keep the Mage Tower (and its' Druid forms) exclusive

I know. This horse is dead, but I felt the need to put down something clear and concise for folks to understand the reasoning behind not bringing back the Mage Tower. The other thread just became a chore. In summary:


  • The exclusivity.
    Players that earned it during the advertised period were given to believe that the appearance would be exclusive and unobtainable after the Mage Tower was gone. We all feel jealous way when we see something else cool (e.g. White Raptor) but we must accept it and leave it be.
  • Other forms.
    While there are lots of cool forms available I feel we can all agree that new forms with different skeletons should be added. (e.g. ManCat from WoD).
  • The slippery slope.
    Bringing back one thing like the Mage Tower forms means you bring back the entire Mage Tower and other class appearances back to be earned. I highly doubt Blizzard is going to do that, and if you’re in any doubt of how players feel put a poll in the field (general chat) to get an inkling of how players feel. I guarantee they’re not so civil as us druids are.
  • The slippery slope v2.
    Yes. Going down this path they would need to make other limited time appearances and items obtainable. Imagine the Darkspear Troll toy, the original Haunted Memento, the original striped Tiger Mount all coming back. It won’t happen.
  • The Challenge.
    It may have been easier later, but it was a challenge for some. It’s unfair that some of you try to trivialize this by making it seem like it was easy for everyone that earned it. You do you and be on your way.
  • Mechanics don’t support the return of the challenge.
    Most of you argue that you want the ‘challenge’ part of it back. The thing is that they wouldn’t be able to make the challenge identical to how it was then. The only exception might be if they bring something back with Legion timewalking, but then point #1 nullifies every argument anyway.
  • Alternate skin colours
    I see this being mentioned quite a bit, and I’m fairly certain that people don’t care about the colour variations, but the actual skeleton ‘werebear’ as they call it. Proposing it return as a different colour variation is pointless seeing as the actual skeleton is what is coveted (and exclusive), going back to #1.
    The “I don’t mind”
    I see folks in both camps claiming this. For e.g. people who don’t have the skin say they think it should be kept exclusive. Folks who have it also say that they don’t mind it being brought back. These two cancel each other out and this point should be laid to rest, but I’m mentioning it here for what it’s worth.

I’m fairly certain that any argument FOR can be quashed with these points, failing which we can simply fall back on #1. The bottom line is that it IS okay for a game to have rewards in a limited capacity and it’s okay that some of us will never be able to obtain them now.

We don’t need to have every single thing. Use your efforts and voices to advocate for NEW forms. Get on the same side and we’ll be stronger.

PS. I’ll be watching the thread, but not responding as there won’t be anything worth replying to, unless Hruuken deems it worthy. The post covers everything, but feel free to discuss and PLEASE be civil.


just add another color variant and we good. keep the white to the folks who did mage tower.


Who said they’re bringing them back? What’s the purpose of this thread?


I could care less about the specific mage tower appearances, but there should be at least one alternate version of it for people who didn’t play Legion. From what I’ve heard at the end it wasn’t even that difficult due to gearing. I still think it should be the ghost version of the bears that are locked behind the mage tower like the cats instead of the unique appearance but nothing I can do about it now.

Just someone putting their opinion in a new topic instead of on the giant thread.


I didnt even play druid in legion…I still managed to get the feral and balance ones

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Hey, great point. Thanks for your post. I forgot to include this in the OP but I’ve since edited it in. Quoting below for you:

I seriously doubt they are, but I wanted to post a thread from the perspective of someone that wants to keep it exclusive, yet remain civil.

Your post wasn’t clear to me. But if you’re suggesting a ghost version of the same skeleton, I believe I’ve covered it above.

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I was merely saying how the cat mage tower appearance is the ghost one and yet for the bears its the unique appearance. Wish it was the ghost version that was locked behind instead of the cooler one.

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True. Feels like Hulkbear and Mancat should have come as a package!

Edit. Swolebear + Swolecat + Swolekin (owl things in bastion). Win.

I got the bear mage tower done in 9 attempts with a crappy legendary. That burned me out and I never got the prot war one I also really wanted.

I feel ya, mon. Quite a similar situation. I didn’t get quite as burned out but I just didn’t make time for the prot war/pal one and I’ll forever need to live with not having a flail. :frowning:

I hear you. I wanted that pig shield even though I rarely play warrior. I would like to see them do something like the mage tower again. Not for the legion stuff but new stuff for each class.


Slippery slope arguments are laughably weak and complete bs and should never be the basis for any decision ever. Crack open a psychology textbook and give that section a read before using one again.


I don’t really care how this goes but as the holder of many exclusive, never to be seen again things I can tell you:

Nobody cares and it’s not as cool as you think.

The forms might feel kinda special right now because they are the only humanoid ones for bear. Blizz WILL eventually add in something cooler, and even you’ll switch.

You’ll eventually feel silly for having gatekept so hard.


Thanks for stopping by, and likewise, I barely have any of the exclusive stuff and I disagree with you.

I think you can only speak for yourself about both of these. I expect you mean that you’ll feel silly? I can’t imagine that you assume to know how I or anyone else would feel.

They aren’t in this context, sorry if you can’t see that. :man_shrugging:t2:


I’ve got druid challenge mode armor, MoP challenge mode mounts and titles, mage tower complete on five different classes, probably some other stuff too and I’m in the same boat.

Know who cares about what my character looks like? Me.
Know who doesn’t care that much about what my character looks like? Everyone else.


It’ll hit. Or it won’t. You’re right, I can’t presume to know how other people will feel.

But I really think it won’t matter. Eventually Blizz will release a higher res, higher polygon humanoid model. And none of this will matter.

I’m more interested in doing the mage tower content than I am the bear model tbh.

Im glad you think context matters but it doesn’t. Really don’t care personally but if ur gonna make an argument you might want to make a good one.

Ah this old hat again…


Honestly they should just reopen the mage tower. Was stupid that they got rid of it in the first place


I have most of the mage tower forms, minus the tank one, and it was a huge time sink. I have no problem with some newbie doing some random quest, or even purchasing them, to get the mage tower forms.

Let’s not forget there are new players coming in and out of the game all the time. This just gives them more customization options to play around with. This is a great way to add variation to player looks for new druid players. If they weren’t playing the game when it was current should you really penalize them for that?

I never really get keeping them exclusive like it’s some kind of prize only for a small player base. I for one think everyone should get the option to have them. Especially after the expansion has concluded and the wow factor has faded.

I’ll never get what the big deal is in not wanting to share the fun with players that don’t have the ability, or time, to commit to playing WoW for over a decade. Especially when it has zero effect on you.