Keep Mindgames

I read the priest feedback update post and just want to say here that I do not want to see the spell removed. It’s currently being thought of and I feel like it is one of the most interesting and versatile spell that has been added to the game in years for any spec, and feel that it greatly represents the priest theme.

Please don’t remove the spell. Thank you.


It’s doesn’t really interact well with Holy and Disc has toooo many buttons I wouldn’t miss it unless I pvp. I haven’t touched Shadow since BFA since I hate switching covenants and legendaries so I have no opinion here.

What spec and what area of gameplay do you use it on? I could see Mindgames being great for PVP and if so, they could turn it into a pvp talent.

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I agree that it clashes a bit with holy but for disc and shadow it’s great. I frequently switch covenants and legendaries as this season I am focused on shadow and disc in m+ and raid.

I find the spell most useful for disc as it has few sources of shadow damage and for this season it’s fantastic for using on the affix demons in m+.

Thematically it goes great with shadows mental tricks and is unique in it’s function. I think there are far better choices to select for pruning our key bloat than something as interesting as this.

I would be okay with it being a disc only choice ( it also helps with shadow covenant since we are losing mind sear. Our only shadow damage comes from swp shadowfiend and mind blast

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season 3 and 4 are the only seasons I play holy but I’ved played disc for cata, some of legion, bfa, and season 1 and 2 shadowlands.
Mindgames kinda just does what Light’s Wrath did back in Legion which is burst healing, but Light’s Wrath is more flavorful and interesting for raiding.
I guess you could argue that you could just have both, I’m fine with either.
The 45 seconds cd is kind of odd.
I guess you can use it with your main evang ramp and then for a rapture ramp if you haven’t used it with evang or a mini ramp but I could do with or without.
I have heard our disc ramp is kinda long already with all the buttons we are getting, I’m not a big fan of that.
Disc is already fun and more interactive than other healers, I don’t need more buttons to press just because.

This is what I did in 9.1

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe any other spell in the game reverses healing and damage. That alone is unique enough for me to want to keep it. Now, if they take that utility/function and say put it on a different spell like mind blast or something, then I could perhaps let it go. For me it was just so very refreshing to have a new and outside of the normal type of spell.

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Disc probably just needs another burst healing ability because they’ve been dependent on Boon and Mindgames the entire expansion.

The only reason why Mindgames is a bloat problem for Shadow and Holy is because it’s the only bottom general tree Priest ability actually any worth taking. Void Shift is near useless except for maybe Necrotic Weeks and still has a 5 minute cd.

Angelic Bulwark isn’t very useful. And so isn’t Power Word Life.


I do not think needs another burst healing ability for ramps since we got schism, mind blast , light’s wrath already.
I think it needs more healing throughput in between the ramps.
I love pw shield getting a cd and hope it heals a significant amount.

Mindgames is unique and if there was a heal mechanic we can counter like mythic sire, it’s really good gameplay!
Sounds good to keep it :smiley:

They could provide an interaction of Mindgames with holy if they wanted to, but I don’t know what.

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Also I am hoping holy word life does not come into discipline, from what I hear it sounds really underwhelming.
Shadowmend is pretty much in limbo still so I have no idea where they are going with that.

I really could go without mind blast though. Let’s keep mindgames and remove mind blast.

I might be okay with that. If they went that route I’d like to see more dmg from smite though.

Also power word life doesn’t really seem great for disc either. I’d be okay with them removing it

We need to not disregard the damage/healing reversal of mindgames in this thread.

It’s actually a very cool mechanic and has some really neat applications. You CAN treat it as fire and forget, but it’s also an incredible thing to use against a tank busting mob or any big single target damage. And in PvP the uses are obvious.

I used it a lot in M+ though, and intelligent use of it made certain mob packs trivial that were otherwise difficult and it had a couple raid fights where you could utilize the healing reversal to get more into your atonement.


This 100%. While the damage and burst of the spell is nice, the main reason I like it is for the reversals. There are few things more satisfying than killing a mob your dps didn’t kick with its own healing touch.

For real!

I specced into mindgames for a key and I used it on the miniboss that sucks health and heals himself and I think it did work and it barely did anything lol.
Very fun in scenarios like this, one of a kind spell esp in pvp.

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Yep it works. Not only are you hurting the mob but his drain will also heal up your team

Id rather see holy word: life removed and keep mindgames.
Holy word life seems like boring gameplay because it only encourages its use when the target is below 35%


Nooooo. PW:L Is amazing. It’s okay to have a button that isn’t always used but is actually effective in a clutch moment. Keep both, they are fine spells (tuning pending).

I’d rather then double down on impactful buttons and take away all of the button bloat of small incremental buttons like dinky buffs to ask us have to press Fade, and combining/buffing our mobility talents.

Maybe remove Shadow fiend from the class tree and just leave minded bender for the specs that it’s relevant to. These are much better buttons to remove from a button bloat perspective.

Oh and remove PI so our class can stop getting taxed to death.

If things come to worst. I feel it should be moved as a choice node with lights wrath for disc.

Both are great single damage healing but the reversal is super nice for m+ and pvp when well used. Light’s wrath is more the goto for raid i feel

Nodes bellow both spells are kinda similar in their effects as well so I feel it’s an easy move and we keep the flavor while removing bloat. Win win win situation in my book.

Amazing light/shadow choice node too :upside_down_face:

I just don’t want to lose it for shadow. If they keep peeling away ways for shadow to survive we are going to be stuck with being OOM casting pointless FOL and using fade for our whopping 10% DR.

They are already scrapping Shadow Mend, we aren’t on a good path. PW:L was slept on because it had terrible talents leading to it, but it’s a freak amazing skill for PvP and PVE clutch moments. I want buttons that actually do something on short/medium cooldowns. They don’t have to be used on cooldown.

I don’t feel that shadowmend is such a big deal for shadow tbh.

But I agree that shadow should keep mindgames somehow as well. I was just proposing a sollution for disc that remove ‘bloat’ and allow for keeping it.

New shadow mend is godsend for shadow right now Thel, it’s amazing. With masochism I can actually heal up with a juicy crit, get half that as a HoT for future incoming dmg and get another 10%DR. Weaving that in with PW:S cooldowns is amazeballs… and I even have enough mana left to cast mass dispel after healing back up!

I’m not spamming 10 Flash heals like I am spamming shadowmends on live right now to even try to get to half health. THanks but no thanks.

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I’m surprised no one here is mentioning Vampiric Embrace. This talent is probably the most bloat out of anything.

It’s only useful for Shadow. Discipline Priests have Mind Blast, SW:P, Mindgames, and anything converted to Shadow through Shadow Covenant, but with the possible removal of Mindgames that won’t leave us many Shadow spells. It’s straight up useless for Holy.

Why keep this garbage spell? Move it to Shadow or make it baseline for them. We don’t need it.