Keefers sky reach

I spammed torghast to get the low 225 leggo.

Omg i love it. It’s a blast to teleport to enemies in pvp and pve. The big crit buff is amazing in mythic +as well.

I tab tiger palm and get 2-4 mobs with the crit buff and than spinning crane kick for huge damage.

Wish i made this months ago…

Just made this to play around with. What kind of DPS you doing with it in m+?

I’ve only done one mythic + with it (messing around with ATOTM also) and i think i pulled 7k overall… nothing crazy but it’s just a lot fun tbh. And i need to still figure out how to track the rebuff it applies. Gotta find a weak aura for it

Keefers is fun. You’ll hate playing without it once you’re used to it.

M+ its really good for immediate boss burst but you’re gonna regret not having bloodlust on a 2min cd.

But you do bang.