Keefer question

So I just hit 60 on my monk. Go to see where the keefer lego drops and bam … Mortanis weeks from now. Is there any other way to obtain it? Or are they out here really making alts wait weeks? Just came back after a month cause I heard 9.1.5 was the alt patch, but dang. (Would have posted on my monk but he’s not showing on my list sorrry)

Do some calling, they greatly increased grateful offering drops, and you can buy a random discovery from your covenant vendor.

To increase the chance if getting the one you want, try to obtain other easier ones first, like the dungeon / torghast / LFR ones.

There is also a second random discovery option for research points in korthia, but it’s probably better to save that for gear upgrades.

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I may as well give those a shot while I wait, no harm. Thanks. Appreciate it, didn’t realize how much they changed.

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Oh yeah, all the dungeons and LFr stuff is 100% drop rate now