Karazhan Lower Midnight DH Meta issue

Intangible Presence is a real issue for healers and a complete guess. The ghost is impossible to see with all the effects going on. Get rid of this mechanic.


Both Karazhans pretty much require the entire group to be in coms or you’re simply just going to wipe, not to mention those two are just extremely overtuned compared of the rest. Mechagon and Tazavesh are an absolute joke. At the time of writing this only 52 groups in all of NA have timed a lower Karazhan at +15 lol. For upper Medivh alone pretty much requires a resto shaman for the extra kick.


I think out of 3 runs, I have seen the stupid Intangible 2 times. It is near impossible to see and causing massive amounts of wipes.

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I’m surprised nobody has come up with a weak aura for this like how you could tell who to dispel on the second boss in HoA.

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It’s a MASSIVE PURPLE GHOST on someone’s back. The issue is that the UI shows everyone with the debuff, and most players stare at there action bar while they play and panic when weak auras doesn’t have an answer for them.
TIP: without comms, play with health bars over players heads that are color coded. Hunter (green) dk (red) warlock (purple) ect. That way you can quickly relate the color of the class with the giant ghost in them to the player on your frame to dispel quickly without having to count on someone calling it out.
OR even better, a mouse over dispel macro for that fight so you can just click it that way.

When you do it enough, and know what to look for and when to look for it, it becomes second nature I remember having HUGE issues with this mechanic in legion and towards the end of the season had it down pat. I’m sure in a few weeks you will feel differently!

nope. i checked old videos of this and could easily find the ghost, just as i remembered. currently it isnt even showing up most of the time, its bugged.

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I did it this afternoon and the ghost was there pretty clearly for me although it may be bugged for some it is a possibility

Last time i ran it I only saw the ghost half the time. The other half I just had to dispel randomly and hope I hit it.

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I just noticed a hotfix that went in the 3rd (I haven’t ran this since the 2nd when it was released)

Is lower kara any better now?

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Still hard, however much much better. I have come to the conclusion that the intangible presence is not bugged per se but takes a while before it shows up. We have to heal through a few pulses of damage before the purple ghost shows up. I don’t know if this is by design or not, but it will eventually show the ghost if you can live long enough. I thought i remembered it instantly showing the ghost in legion but i could be wrong.

There’s a weakaura going around now that lets you click the ghost and it’ll announce in party chat who has it. I’d link it but someone shared it with me and I have no idea where they got it from, but just so you know there are things available to help a little. 5 sets of eyes are definitely better than one.

I’m pretty sure they’re visibile for everyone (I got it once and could definitely see something) so a good call would be helping out your poor healer and calling if you have it. I’ve wiped a lot to healers just slamming dispel.

It’s visible to everyone EXCEPT THE HEALER. Which is frustrating when your trying to convince your pug group it isn’t showing. The whole point of that debuff is the healer sees it on everyone but the person with it has to call it so the healer can dispel them.


Here’s the WA link but everyone has to have it so it will yell from the person’s WA that has the ghost.

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Unless it was on myself, then no. I still can’t see it.

Yumy has one. I saw it on his stream. It lights up the frame of the person to dispel. And it does so exactly instantly as the debuff goes out on the group.

It was so amazing he was literally laughing about it.

By the way, in case anyone was wondering. While healing on a holy priest I videorecorded two times fighting huntsman and both times there was no visual for who to dispel. Note that it was not my computer either, as it is a high end rig and I play with max settings on a big screen and running 4k. I went over both videos stopping and starting them nonstop a few times and there was no way to see who to dispel and I literally had to spam heal the group through until my hand and wrist were screaming in pain and I went OOM in game, with my HPS climbing over 15k.

Oh, and also in case anyone wondered, this:

This is exactly what I experienced. When it was on me, fine, I could see it clearly after a few seconds and could dispel myself no problem. Otherwise, no. And so as said above, I had to spam heal the group through. Luckily the keys were only 12s. On 15s or higher I doubt you could spam heal the group through. The healing required would probably have to be about 20k hps sustained for two or three minutes or however long that stupid debuff lasts. At an item level of 280, I doubt you could do it–and it’s not like you can stand there and spam heal without doing any mechanics for very long.

I’ma have to jump on his stream and ask him about it since it doesn’t look like he’s updated his wago since April unfortunately. I also searched for attumen and huntsman and couldn’t find any new weak auras.

I still haven’t even done this boss above a 10. I’ve tried with a 14 and 2 different 15’s and the group couldn’t make it past the mechanics checks of the first boss, so I just haven’t bothered with it again this week. I almost want to try next week, but the pass / fail mechanics will still be pass / fail I’d imagine even on fortified so I’m sure it’ll still be a pita in pugs. I’ve been healing 16’s and 17’s the last few days and most bosses I’ve only had to heal between 8k-12k, if they really require that much hps on a boss in a 15 I’d say that’s probably an issue, I’m just not sure the average person is going to be up to it. I consider myself average at best and play resto druid and I struggle to see myself healing for that much.

It’s kind of tricky without the WA. Yesterday, the pally tank had it and there was no ghost on him just some blue orbs hard to see with everything going on, perhaps a visual bug with all the glowing buff he had on. The same thing happened when the monk brings out copies and is glowy and can’t see it on him. It’s like as if the person has some buff that alters their appearance like glowing the ghost kinds of bugs out/ hard to see. Like literally everyone stopped and spread and no ghost was visible. I’ve done the key twice and didn’t have a problem seeing the ghost on people without appearance-changing buffs as in glowing.

I did a few Lower Kara runs both before and after the fix saying Intangible Presence was made more visible and, to me, it seems worse now. I ran the dungeon a lot in Legion as well and while some abilities have always made it very difficult to see, I never had this much trouble with it. I don’t like the idea of a weakaura trivializing this unique mechanic and I don’t think a WA should be required to be successful. I actually really like the mechanic but perhaps it could show a constant specter rather than flickering in and out?