Kalista griefing level 20's in redridge


Are you okay? Just reaching out because you run circuits on redridge for hours a day killing level 20s. You were doing this when I leveled a few months ago and I just started an alt priest and you’re still doing this. Not to mention the terrain exploits you are doing are going to get you banned.

I hope you find peace in this life.

Tell that to you two stupid rogue buddies who camp Crossroads late at night almost every night.

Don’t flag in the crossroads. Seems easy enough.


It takes a very special Zug to complain about getting griefed in a safe zone lol

I don’t condone any lower-level griefing at all. Kalista’s behavior is really strange though. when I say hours, I mean HOURS. 4-6 hours of running circuits to the point of people wondering if its a bot. we’re just trying to collect our spider meat in peace but I have to sign onto my main and kill Kalista over and over and over again.

I will admit, Kalista, you’re a very slippery mage. Unfortunately it’s because you know the terrain SO well in Redridge from doing this so much, and that’s kinda sad.

Don’t be too rough with Kalista, he’s just as hated on horde side for spaming over and over the same nonsense messages in trade chat. He has his issues. He just likes to spend multiple hours a day to camp redridge for attention since most people already have him on ignore on horde side.

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You guys are encouraging him.
https://imgur.com/a/qAxrR99 (Snippet from discord)
He likes the attention…

There is an Alliance Night Elf Boomkin druid in Hillsbrand Foothills that has been there for MONTHS for hours on end. Has to be scripted/bot behavior, no other explanation. I think the name is like “ssxt” or something?

Did a search on warcraft logs and I believe the Druid is named “Ssatae.” Just go to the mines or farm area and they will show up.

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Ssatae… I only remember because what the name is backwards.


What have I done

You guys had some garbage female human shadow priest that did this for awhile in hillsbrad. I camped him for hours one day until he logged on another account, and messaged me saying I “Couldnt save them” and he would “kill all lowbies”.

I told him idc and he ganked MINE so he is getting camped. I don’t see him anymore.

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Shameless self reply, It was Notcabana. Turd of a player.

No real point in trying to stop him. If he ganks you just bring your main to Thousand needles and get take it out on their lowbies.

Please do this! Thousand Needles is basically 90% bots these days.

Horde most hated player:

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I always had my main parked in Hillsbrad while leveling my alt. It’s just the territory in general. Both sides use it as a gank fest so don’t think it isn’t happening both ways.

Wow it’s actually sad

I used to smack up Redridge (also known as New Ogrimmar), but this dude is a new legend

Couldn’t be me

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You seem to love travel form whenver i come on my mage…Hm