Just wondering why

… recraft requests aren’t public.

I don’t know any leatherworkers to put in personal orders to upgrade my shoes. Takes me days to find one for a 2-second job.

I believe the main reason is you can not set a minimum ilvl in public work orders. so it’s to keep your item from downgrading if a low level crafter takes that work order.

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I just talked to a smith who got an order to recraft plate shoes. They were downgraded from 5 to 4 stars even with the highest quality mats.

Yup, recrafting can lower the quality of the item, so relying on strangers to do it is even more risky than a normal public order.

Honestly, recrafting should just not do this. Lowering quality without increasing ilevel should not be a feature.

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because recrafts can lower the quality as well if you aren’t careful.

That’s why i took jewelcrafting and made two rings and neck for myself

Yes that is why they want you to make sure the person doing the recraft can guarantee that the item will not down grade during the recraft. If the crafter has high enough skill they can guarantee a recraft. they might need to use insights to boost thier skill if there are missives and other addons that increase the skill level required to keep the same level item.

also inspiration plays a roll in the outcome of the recraft, so a high inspiration can make the difference in the outcome.

They must have tried to add something which increases the difficulty. R5 is the best you will get so no need to recraft unless you are adding emblishments, stats or primal infusions (all of which probably put the crafter under the skill requirements for R5).

i’m just trying to add infusion to up the item level from 392 to 405.

honestly, the whole system is just blah.

professions too.

can’t level profession without crafting orders, but nobody puts in orders for lower qualities so that crafters can level their skills, and I sure as heck ain’t using my own spark of ingenuity to level my crafting. I still have to wait another two weeks before I have enough sparks to get a weapon made. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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the crafter should be able to see before they do it if there is a possibility of a downgrade.

So, what if they just changed it so you could set a min quality for public orders? Any real downside?

not really but they don’t want that for public work orders. Here is a quote about it from blizzard.

As far as the public order system goes, it seems to be working well as an easy way to get something crafted for yourself if you aren’t worried about getting the best quality and want it quickly. This was always its intent.

Look in Trade chat.

LOL you trying to recraft to 3 stars? This would be a TERRIBLE idea.

ITS Completely STUPID TO BE FORCED TO DO 3 CRAFTING ORDER TO PROCEED YOUR PROFESSION…They need to remove that requirement its hard enough as it is…geesh give us a break