Just transferred to Area-52 [H]

217 Rshaman, 10/10H, looking for a guild starting mythic or in need of a healing spot filled. Thank you!

Hey Odiousjackal,

Hopefully we are a good fit! We are just looking to start Mythic and are 10/10H also.

We are Click to Move on Area 52, we created the guild in early2018 at the start of BFA and our core is made up of Vanilla / BC players.

Most of us are older adults with lives and priorities but enjoy playing together. Super helpful people that tend to hang on voice coms while playing. Some of us have played together for years and play other games together but are very welcoming and don’t have any cliques.

We raid Fri/ Sat 7-10pm with an alt night on Weds at the same time. Atm though we are clearing heroic on Friday nights and are looking for a few more to start doing Mythic raiding casually ( Maybe the first 3 bosses this tier)

Current progress is - 10/10H and starting Mythic raiding. Some have KSM and looking for more M+

Would be great to chat!

Please contact me at:

CrysTalis#1961 - BNET

CrysTalis#3723 - Discord

Hi Odiousjackal! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!