Just STOP and Calm Down

They owe us. They said we don’t want it and how many private servers were shut down. It’s not a queue sim. They need to get it together. It’s a multi billion dollar company. They gave us how many servers to start with? Hard to play a game when there’s so few choices people spent a year planning from I expected more but I guess from new xpack reviews I should have known better

Theres empty realms right now. Like Celessi says what new servers will do? on my realm i havent waited 1 min in que .People waiting in 8-9k que. Why they dont come to my server? It has to stop. Because they want to play on the realm they already choose.
Thats why i said we dont need more realms since we already have realms with open spots!

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Been in queue for smolder web for over an hour. Server was dropped yesterday.

I’m not playing a queue sim. I log on no problem. You can too!


Complete agreement with the OP. It’s not worth it in the long run. I wouldn’t want to repeat history (i.e. a gazillion and one servers, and 95% of them seriously underpopulated).


Yeah they really nee- Maximum Realm Capacity Increased – August 28

Wait what?

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Oh dang new server they dropped yesterday and increased pop today and still queue…

Because people want to play on their main realm. No matter how many realms they release. If you choosed a realm already and you have character there , all of your friends are there , you wont go and play on the new realm :x
Thats why we have to stop asking for new realms >.<! it wont solve anything. We just need to be patient!
We fought so many years for WoW Classic, Let’s not ruin it in a month!

I dont get queues, my friend swapped off the high pop servers and were shocked they got on my server instantly, you should try too.

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It’s not my main server. I’m trying to just get my 15$ worth. We pay their salary why can’t we play.

Why u just dont play on some of the low pop realms then? Theres plenty of spots on those realms :slight_smile:

It said low pop. That was over an hour ago.

Low pop goes to full 10k que in a hour? just stop >.<! you wont accomplish anything.

Tell me why I’ve been in queue for over an hour and my slot hasn’t gone far. I’m still not in game would like to hear an answer

Medium pop realms probably have 25-30k pop, not 1k. Orginal full wow servers only had 3k pop, so even if half the peo0le leave as you say, it will still have plenty for a healthy server.

Stop with the false info.

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Like you said its not your main realm. Just choose one of the others :stuck_out_tongue: i’m logging in Atiesh ( US ) without any problem. I never had a que :open_mouth: come here ^^ and enjoy your game instead of being mad for some reason lol

I’m paying for a service. I would like the service to happen. Sounds like Diablo 3 all again.

i said EXAMPLE >.<! so it can be easier for me calculate. Of course it wont have 1k people >.<!

Well you prevent the service from happening lol by choosing to wait in a que >.> How is that blizzard fault?
You have a lot of choises, as i said you can come to my realm + you are not only paying for Classic you paying for BFA too so you gettign 2 games that you can play :slight_smile:
you said it by yourself that you dont have a main realm. Just open the realm list and see which realm has low pop and go there

15k people isn’t enough people to play with? People were fine with 3k, hell 1.5k was fine on old medium pop servers.
You really want a super long queue when phase 2 hits huh? I don’t think one layer can handle more then 5k players. You want 10k player ques all over again?

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All I want is to go to my main server without the 21k queue. If all they will do is new servers mass xfer guilds again it’s not like the year of planning some folks did has a decent result unless your a streamer