Just started Herbing is there anyway to really catch up?

Got 3 of those Infused Pollens after 3 days of grinding so far is it really that low of a drop rate?

There is no way to truly catch up. The Pollens/Petals have a weekly cap on drops. You can get 5 Knowledge Points per week from the Rare (Blue) drops and then a single drop of a 3 Knowledge Point Epic (Purple) item.

Gaining reputation with the Artisan’s Consortium will unlock Knowledge Point items that can be purchased. Renown with some of the Dragonflight major factions will unlock one time rewards of KP. There is an NPC trainer in the Ohn’ahran Plains that will give a one time KP reward. Ponzi in Loamm Nifflin sells KP items for Barter Bricks/Boulders.

Once per week you can gain 1 KP by using a Treatise on Herbalism crafted by inscriptionists. These are available through the Crafting Orders system.

The only uncapped Knowledge item is the Dragon Shard of Knowledge. They are turned in for 1 KP each. They are a quite rare drop from bosses or can be looted from various treasures throughout the Isles.

Infused Pollen, which is different from the weekly capped Dreambloom Petals, are unlimited drops per week, but the drop rate is pretty horrendous. It can take 200-1,000 nodes between each one.

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You can’t fully catch up, but you don’t really need to. A lot of the herbing tree is filler. Start by getting the gather while mounted, then get the talents for frozen herbs, then get the talents for writhebark.

After that you will have a pretty good feel for what the next best move for you would be. The three I mentioned are the biggest for profit and farming right out of the gate.

Get the 10 free points from the trainer in the plains. Do your weekly in Val for 3 points every week. Get a contract for the Artisan’s consortium from the auction house and do some world quests. Their rep goes fast and they sell a bunch of skill ups. The centaur, the Tuskarr, and the Niffen all have rep rewards that will give gathering points. The niffen one is the slowest and has the highest cost, so you may want to focus on the other two first.

Also add the often forgotten summoned rares in the reach, there is one for every professions. 1 KP per week. Summoning items are sold in AH at varied prices.