Just so you know we're playing nerfed Classic


taps on Dingo’s head

Classic is only PvE unless you’re on a PvP server.



Lacky of mechanics isnt the issue, before dungeon nerfs, you needed to cc, why because everything would mess you up if you didnt. players didnt get better, imo they got worse and just aoe everything now because its non elite and cheese.


i think the problem is we didnt get 1.12,
we got 1.13.


The problem is 1.12 is an amalgamation of all the previous nerfs. What they should have done is give us 1.12 without the nerfs to PvE content and instead let the content be at it’s original difficultly in the phase it was released in and then let it be nerfed later as more phases come out if they want. Would have been a 10x better way to go about things.


What does this even mean?


nerfed paladin mechanics


Go play Everquest. Vanilla is easy and has been faceroll since 1.1


Nobody is arguing Vanilla is supposed to be this super hard game. All I’m saying is I would’ve preferred to do the raids and dungeons at their original difficulty, even if the difficulty increase isn’t massively profound it would still be felt and make a difference in how the encounter feels.


There really isnt any difficulty to it. Nerfed or not its an easy game based on /hours played not skill.

Really participation trophies at the best of times.


to the guy about the ghost wolves melting tanks in SFK…it would happen because multiples of them would get pulled due to buggy mobs.theyve been fixed though so you know longer end up with a massive pull really except when you go up the first set of steps in the room where you first encounter the wolves and pull the pack while the patrol is coming through ending up with 2 packs of mobs…sometimes 3 if very unlucky.it was also a matter of whether or not your dps killed lupine delusions that the wolves would spawn as they did hit much harder than the normal ghost dogs but could be killed easily.


Why don’t you check out classic DB and see the changes to the gear, and what we now call best in slot.

MOST IF NOT ALL pre raid bis gear was completely different before 112.

I was a regular raiding mage in the day, and average spell power of a top geared mage was around 200.

I had 200 SP by the time I was 50. The “of frozen wrath” etc gear did not exist, and was brought it with TBC loot tables. ALL OF THE GEAR IS BALANCED FOR HELLFIRE PENINSULA.

Get off your high horse boy, you don’t know wtf you’re talking about.

edit - yeah and the class talent changes… remember mages had to talent point to get evocation? or for instant arcane explosion? Yeah, MASSIVE changes to every class. The only class that got the shaft in classic were druids, because their re-work came with the 41 point talent patch a month prior to TBC.


You were saying?


All MMO’s are based on hours played, and speed determined by effort.

Classic just happens to require near zero effort with quest rewards being better than t2 raid gear, cuz whos gonna raid with an expansion a couple months out?

(Moiste) #455
  • Guild Recruitment channel functionality has been improved to be turned off for players already in guilds, and turned on for players not in guilds by default.

  • Fixed a bug which caused players to drop from combat after destroying a totem.

  • Fixed a soft-lock bug that occurred under certain conditions when players were near ships, zeppelins, elevators, and the Deeprun Tram.

  • Arcane Power: This aura will no longer stack with Power Infusion. If you use it, Arcane Power’s aura will replace Power Infusion’s aura.

  • Ignite should now proc correctly when landing a critical strike with a fire spell.

  • Holy Shock will now be guaranteed to crit when used offensively while Divine Favor is active.

  • Eye for an Eye will now properly produce its damage effect on the attacking caster.

  • Inner Fire: Rank 3 will no longer have charges consumed when Power Word: Shield is active.

  • Power Infusion: This aura will no longer stack with Arcane Power. If you attempt to cast it on someone with Arcane Power, the spell will fail.

  • Starshards: Ranks 1 and 2 inadvertently received too much bonus from spell damage, while Rank 7 received no bonus from spell damage. Each of those ranks are now fixed to receive the correct bonus.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented Vanish from working properly under certain conditions.

  • Seal Fate will now correctly provide a bonus combat point upon landing a critical strike.

  • Improved Shadow Bolt will now proc properly after landing a critical strike with Shadow Bolt.

  • Rage generated from Unbridled Wrath and Shield Specialization will now display properly in the combat log.

  • Fixed a client crash caused by weather effects when running OS 10.3.9.

  • Players should no longer become dismounted while riding through certain areas of the Undercity.

  • Fixed a number of clipping issues and awkward turns discovered throughout various chained flight paths.

  • Certain creatures in Eastern Plaguelands weren’t providing reputation gain with the Argent Dawn. This has been fixed.

I dont see any “nerfed content” here, all i see is bug fixes.


and all private server knew how easy classic was, so they boosted every boss in order to recreate a more ‘authenthic’ feeling.


and I remember pvp’ing with my shadowpriest who had 4k hp 5k mana, no epic gear and with the pre-updated blue pvp set.

it’s amazing how unreliable memories are.

(Xanthak) #458

Not surprising that the majority of the playerbase from my experience didn’t play a whole lot of it, or not at all. They had no idea of the time investment required in actual vanilla.

(Yonbi) #459

You sure that’s what it is?

It’s not the fact that we are all 15 year veterans with addons up the wazoo, all important abilities keybound, optimal talent builds, BiS gear that’s been theorycrafted for 15 years, etc.?

I promise you even true 1.0 vanillla right now would just get rofl-stomped by the current player-base.

(Xanthak) #460

This little tidbit i completely slipped my mind. Mages didn’t have elemental precision also. I could have sworn the talent was there pre-class rework, but i couldn’t seem to find it before then.

This alone is HUGE.


Yeah I remember Strat and Scholo being a nightmare to run. It’s funny when you see people still trying to min/max in Classic. We’re not playing pure Vanilla.