Just so you know we're playing nerfed Classic


Agreed, and when they said they were going to use the 1.12 patch I was disappointed. 1.11 would have been a far greater version of Classic if they had simply included a few of the tweaks to itemization and talents in 1.12.

Second, I don’t want to see Burning Crusade. Would prefer Classic+. Burning Crusade was the beginning of undoing all of the original Vanillla work with flying mounts to mess up land travel and PvP, dailies, and other nonsense like Paladins for Horde and Shamans for Alliance.


Dungeons are so easy they put me to sleep. Was not that way on pservers for sure.


What about instance bosses?

Arugal teleports around, MCs/Transforms people into Werewolves.
Herod spins and charges people.

They may have limited mechanics, but saying there is “No mechanics” is disingenuous.


Many delusional people in this thread.

1.12 is marginally easier than other versions of wow, but it’s not so different that it would really make a difference for experienced players. Gear, and tuning was never the obstacle back in the day. IT was simply the fact your raid or dungeon was mostly carries who had no concept of what they were doing.


Not according to pre-release marketing…Blizz bragged they had alllll of it. Unlike some other older mmo’s which have released classic “versions” but didn’t have original code, Blizz stated they did and would.


Arugal is probably one of the more complex bosses in vanilla dungeons, considering he is actually a huge lore character that’s why they did him good.
most of them are very very boring, sometimes the end boss is a little bit exciting, youre right.


I likee the old talent trees and no flying mounts to ruin world pvp. I know its not 100 percent what we hoped for but im just going to enjoy ot for what it is. I suggest a lot of yall do the same, or quit. Too easy. Have fun or move on.


I have to agree that there have been quite a few nerfs. When your raid group walks into Ony and melts her in what seems like 5 minutes, it really hits you in the face how toned down everything is. It basically felt the same as walking in and being fully T2 geared back in vanilla… except most of the group were fresh 60’s barely in blues.


i remember in vanilla i did a strat run with an aq40 geared war with thunderfury… he could solo it easily… be prepared!!!


Sadly we’re playing 1.2 content with 1.12 buffs/nerfs to the game. Most of these changes were made to increase the power of players through talent revamps/buffs/itemizations and nerf the difficulty of some aspects of the game mainly raids/dungeons. This is why MC/Ony/dungeons are semi faceroll status… No one was able to waltz in MC when it was considered current content and one shot every boss in greens/mid 50’s… IMO this has devalued the "classic experience"and If they don’t apply some buffs/nerfs in phase 2 you will see a exdous of players leaving the game because they consider it too easy which devalues the reward for completing content. Without any changes we won’t see anything that’s considered challenging until AQ/Naxx which for some won’t be worth waiting around for.


Thanks for letting us know. Feel better now?

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Having raided in vanilla, I can tell you that most of the raiders sucked as well; so don’t feel bad.


I feel like I’m getting gold a little easier…but then again, I’m 33 instead of 19…


What was really meant for Phase 4 is already in Phase 1.

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On pservers they were stupidly easy too. Which saying something about classic.

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The single easiest thing they could have done is to tweek threat. 1.11 wrecked everything pre naxx.


You can’t make sweeping statements without citing sources and expect people to care.

BC Pre-patch was 2.01.


They were not going to release the game with multiple patches and have us go through all that. It is the Naxx patch and is being done in phases, there is not really much more that you can ask for. We cannot go back and experience Classic as it was from day 1 onward, that is asking the impossible.

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This. The effort to reward ratio is a lot lower now.


I literally made my first raid pug last week and it went like this. Spam Spam Spam for an hour, group is now 36/40 and ready to roll.

Summon people, start trash. 5min later were at Ony.
Take 2min to explain strat, start the fight, call out a few things during the fight.
Phase 2 she came back down before breathing even once
A few people pull aggro during p3 but they die quickly and fight goes on as normal.

She dies.
Free loot.
Wait? What?