Just scrap covenants now

Here let me save you a YEAR of pain, balancing and people screaming at you. Covenants have about as much choice as when you told players Azerite gear had choice.

If you pick the wrong Covenant then you have volunteered to gimp your class. Only way is to make the abilities you get be pointless which means they will NEVER BE USED.

Just take my word right now and scrap this idea. Go a different direction while you have time. Please open it up more, allow some type of choice system because if I go the wrong Covenant you might be stuck a good Prot tank but trash Ret abilities.

Just come on guys do not repeat BFA. This has red flags all over it.

(Info based on Ion dev panel he is doing and how I am interpretating it.)

Update 4/7/2020: I TOLD YOU IN NOVEMBER!


Not everything needs to be about min-maxing. I’m choosing a covenant based on flavor and what’s appropriate for my character. Seems like an interesting concept.


What they NEED to do is burn these forums.


Well you go ahead and do that and when you get sat down for a raid spot or never can get a Mythic plus group I look forward to seeing you cry on the forums.

If you DO NOT think this Covenant system will be rolled into a Min/Max system that will be reported in RaiderIO with a simple click then we played two different games.

I am promising you this system has a serious fatal flaw.


Source? I mean…that’s a big accusation for something is not here yet and probably can be looked up on WoWHead the pros and cons of each covenant. Just saying.


There might be the pet battle covenant and then their might be the pvp one along with the raiding one and finally the pve one.

I would like to join which ever one that has the least amount of Void Elves please.


Go on Twitter and click the Blizzcon harshtag. Ion is doing his dev panel.

Its to late they are committed to it already, its going to a long painful year or 2.


For anyone that wants to do any kind of competitive activity involving other human beings?

If you have the wrong covenant, you won’t be invited to groups. You’ll get kicked, and the only way to make sure that isn’t a thing is for them to either be mirrors of each-other, useless/cosmetic only, or not exist at all.

Come on, you see how this community treats people due to Raider IO. You really think people are going to be any different with a mechanic like this?


Sounds like this is going to be the biggest feature of Shadowlands


Please no more rental abilities…


Thank you for your feedback. Next.


The flaw in the system sounds like…the players.


I for one like covenant idea and if it restricts your way of play it makes you think of how you are going to plan your actions. It has been a long time since we have taken responsibility for our actions in-game with some reasonable consequences.

Similar to how in classic if you respeced too much you would be paying through your nose.


A group that would block you for such a silly reason as simply choosing a covenant you like isn’t one I would want to be a part of anyway.


Yes, the flaw is the difficulty of M+ and Mythic raiding warranting minmaxing to the point where choices don’t exist in the first place.


I totally agree here. I will wait and see what become of it and what it has to entail before complaining about the system.

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Well congratulations you will never see a Mythic +10 group for all of Shadowlands.

Look I get it but the simple fact is noone willingly wants to gimp themselves and if THERE IS A REMOTE chance that one covenant is better for Prot paladins over another you are going to that covenant.

This is just a reality of WoW and THESE SYSTEMS that they build with no real choice.


I’ve got my guild and my friends for that.


You get two abilities from the Covenant. Once class specific and one global. Not exactly game breaking. They will be datamined and documented long before your first character gets to level 60. So you’ll be able to choose flavor or min/max based on your game play.

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