"Just run normal!"

How? As a casual player, the highest my ilvl is gonna get is from Zereth Mortis cypher gear, which caps out at 252, and isnt being increased in season 4. The lowest ilvl gear from normal raids in season 4 is gonna be 278. How am I going to get an invite to a slime cat run when my ilvl is over 20 lower than what the raid drops?

“Just run M+ to get better gear!” Oh, so now its not “dedicate enough time to running 3 full clears of normal raids” but also “dedicate enough time to get into M+ and upgrade all my gear”?

Blizz’s ‘solution’ was ‘we hope this encourages friendship moose style stuff’, but that only worked because it was a single boss at the end of a single raid. Slime cat requires a full clear of multiple raids over several weeks. Thats not going to be covered by friendship moose style community events.


Dude, I am as casual as you can get. My guild is just my 4 toons and a friends alt. I play maybe 8-15 hours a week. Every week I pug 16 Mythic 15-20’s and kill whatever raid bosses I want for vault and mythic prog on 1 toon. Stop blaming Blizzard or others because you’re lazy. The raid was 100% faceroll/free. I help a community out where we take 5-6 of us and carry 20 people to get their AOTC Achievement because it’s that easy. The only rule we have is 265+ which you get 262 gear from 15’s which are literally afk/faceroll/free to do with any pug group. I pug literally everything.


I’m blaming Blizzard because they misled us for months into thinking it would be available in LFR.


People always want to overgear the content, but it’s not all the runs.

Also you could just make the group yourself?

I did that in s1 with 0 experience and no discord and managed to get atoc in 2 sessions.

Fake it till you make it


I am going to blame you. You probably play twice as much as me yet you’re stuck at 252? It takes what 40 minutes to get a group and slam a +15? And if you 2 chest it, you have a 60% chance at 262 gear.


Yeah, cause I’m actually a casual and dont run M+ or raids.


Buy tokens to buy boosts just as blizz intended.

Crafted leggos with exorbant costs so people can gear fast to sell carries… they got people on both sides buying gold, from a business standpoint its brilliant.


Luckily I’m complaining about not getting the slime cat, as had been indicated I would be able to get for months, not complaining about not getting gear. I dont care about gear. My point is that other people do, so I wont be able to get the slime cat.


They said they would mail it to you? No they did not. Did they say specifically that this raid reward would be available in LFR Specifically? Something they’ve literally NEVER done before?


“On any difficulty.”

They’ve also literally never had a mount available for running fated raids before because it is a completely new concept unique to this season.


You pug CE?


Anytime Blizzard has said any difficulty, it has ALWAYS excluded LFR. So I am sorry that5 you missed that.


I don’t think you know what the word “casual” means…


I wanted to but by the time it opened up soo many guilds imploded I didn’t feel like going any further.

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This isn’t true. When it’s not they always use Normal or Higher.

They use very specific language to remove any uncertainty in the past.


Y’all really want that ugly mount


Just run m+ for 1-2 weeks and then run normal. I gear this character from 225 ilv this past month as a melee dps from Ragnaros, only pugging. There is really no excuse, if you want the reward play the game.


Casuals are expected to clear some level of M+ and can raid up to heroic as you don’t need a schedule to. Seasons last 5+ months and this one is expected last a bit less but still, you got the time.

Casuals are not only solo/world players.


Not really. I just think this was extremely scummy of them.


Name a time a raid tier has had an LFR mount. I’ll wait. The two anniversary mounts are not raid tier mounts.

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