Just paid to resub, money taken from account, still says inactive

Hello. I just tried paying for 1 month sub. The money was withdrawn from my bank account, but does not show a recent purchase on my blizzard account. Thank you

I believe it says it may take up to 24 hours to complete the transaction.

Also, it’s Sunday, so that often fouls things up. It may have a pending transaction, but it’s not always complete. That might happen sometime tomorrow, being Monday.

The last time I’m seeing applied was in December.

I see where you removed a Billing Profile today.

Perhaps give it just a bit more time, but I’m thinking this didn’t really go through. You may just be seeing a pending charge that didn’t clear.


Hello, thank you for the reply. I deleted an old card that isn’t active anymore and added my new card. Hit subscribe, it processed and then made me re log in. There is now a charge for $14.99 and $1.00.

The $1.00 is a ping charge to confirm card account validity (it gets returned to the available balance in a few days).

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Yes I understand this charge it is just frustrating that the 14.99 went through, yet it did not register on the website

It’s a pending transaction. Meaning it’s on hold between point A and point B. Technically it doesn’t mean that it’s processed, even though you’re seeing it taken from your account. If it fails, it will be released and the funds will show up again and be made available to you.

Since Orlyia isn’t seeing it on Blizzard’s side of things, it didn’t go through. The money is just on hold - not removed from your account.


I suspect what the others have mentioned is correct. The first attempt failed since we were not seeing any record of it on your account but it looks like a subsequent transaction went through and your account is active again :+1:

Sorry for the trouble!