Just lost an AV. Pushed back to starting portal

it’s gotten so bad i’ve never seen it before. we were farmed all the way back to the red portal in the cave. it’s fascinatingly bad.


It’s tough when 10/40 are afk…


and its even harder when 20/40 are either afk or leeching HKs and 10 people who aren’t afk just want a fast loss

maybe the alliance would get more wins if they’d actually put up a fight, even if it wouldn’t bring the win ratio to 50/50


I’ll start pvping next year.

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Perhaps you should stop trying to pvp in leather.


Afk botting/leeching the scapegoat now. Horde have gigantic advantages in AV that are only beaten by coordinated premades with the right comp and gear. We know it they know it. They are just trying to protect their advantage like every class that has ever been overpowered trying to avoid being nerfed.

the AFK situation is getting worse and worse because blizzard is asleep at the wheel and all hope of winning is lost. It was quite humorous to me to see all of the wow “AV is so awesome now” post after premades were killed. That was the shortest honeymoon I believe I’ve ever seen. Alliance realized that their chances of winning are slim to none so they gave up.


Why are any alliance still queuing up for AV?

Blizzard sees the winrates. But a fix to AV will take a bit longer than the previous stealth fixes.

I fully expect a batch of AV map fixes to be announced in the next couple of weeks. Now that they’ve pretty much fixed the queue issues and BWL is out, AV map is probably the biggest problem until Phase 4.


from what I’ve been told Alliance wins more AVs in other regions, is there a more advantageous Horde map in AV on NA?

I can promise you the Horde don’t scorch earth in other regions. Even in Oceanic the horde don’t even try to defend SF or LTS.

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wouldn’t have happened if you guys weren’t making fun of our no shoes policy


The only thing Blizz fixed was my ability to click my battlemaster.

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Do other regions have as big of a population imbalance?

I know EU Alliance have a super low win rate according to their forums.

Please stop parroting this myth.

They do. It doesn’t mean you can’t over come it to some degree but to deny the advantage is just laughable.

Results from years of private server alterac valley demonstrate that the map isn’t the issue.

Also, alliance are doing fine in AV on EU realms.

Some manic individual just won’t give this a rest.

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They gonna take a shot at it?
you guys wanna take a stab at fixing AV yet?

whats the alliance /horde win ratio >?

Keep telling yourself that whatever helps you sleep. Horde start closer yet almost never beat ally rush to boss. Sure you don’t have premades to carry you to r10 but they showed that Alliance can stomp. You’re feeling exactly what we did the first 2 weeks except you can earn decent honor in a 30 av loss. If you’re serious about pvp ranking just spam lose. You can do 4 av’s in the time it takes most horde to get 1 and more honor depending on performance. Or join all the premades in wsg and9/10x get a carry win

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  1. The only map advantage the alliance have is the bridge at Dun Baldar.
  2. Premades stomped because they were premades. The horde could have started in Dun Baldar with every GY capped and the premade still would have won.
  3. In the first week, horde were still getting 3k honor in a 7 minute loss. In fact, Horde were getting more honor in a loss than alliance got in a win. If alliance pugs were able to get 3k honor and all the rep that horde were getting in the fist week in a 7-minute loss, they would still be queuing. And I don’t remember the alliance EVER farming horde in their cave.
  4. Alliance can do 3x more AV’s than horde, but they’re getting less than 1/3rd the rep the horde get per game, and 1/10th the honor-per-hour of the alliance premades. When horde were losing every game, every horde was losing every game so no one had an advantage.
  5. WSG premades are boring and stupid. I play a druid and I made like 200 FAP’s to prepare myself for WSG premades, but would honestly rather quit the game than play that crap.