Being 99/1 ratio after people transfer off horde servers.

Everyone keeps acting like there will be open transfers. I highly doubt that will be the case.


Servers that are severely one sided or underpopulated will have transfers off 100%.

The people that left didn’t want wPvP anyway.

Just imagine being 50/50 and it feels like 99/1 due to lack of interest


I guess I would have to ask if you think Blizz added this just for fun?


I am well aware that paid transfers will be available. Just be prepared for a let down of where you can transfer.


just like when they asked what people thought about a level squish in retail. once they mention something MIGHT happen it might as well be set in stone.

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Ah, yeah it will be interesting to see what servers are available as target destinations…but if I’m paying to move, I want all the options, so there’s that. We shall see.

Yeah…and they definitely aren’t the in the “do extra work for Classic” mode, so if they took the time/effort to code it in, it’s happening. Oh, and the $$$$…I hope nobody thought for a second they wouldn’t monetize the crap out of our misery.

i have always been pro transfers for you pvp ally. i would have rather them have been free but i’ll be grateful you guys get them at all.

If I had to guess I think it will be something like this…

Horde majority to Horde minority
Alliance majority to Alliance minority
Both Factions Minority and Majority to PvE low pop servers.
Open transfers between servers within 60/40 ratio until one faction hits 60%

100/0 servers
0/100 servers
cross-realm battlegrounds

this is the utopia wow players dream of, this is where we are headed

I’m torn on the free/paid debate. Anything free will be abused and misused, and I think the decision shouldn’t be one made on a whim. Attaching a cost to it would hopefully address both, limit the server hopping and make people at least think twice about moving…no matter how bad your current situation, your move doesn’t occur in a vacuum and other players are impacted.

On the other side, I 100% believe Blizzard created the mess that is our current balance problem. The launch and initial server config was an absolute joke all things considered, I mean we’ve done this before, right? The server populations are out of control, and they erred on the side of zerg fest over ‘dead’ realms. Then the transfers they did allow only exacerbated the issue on numerous servers. The last thing I want to do is reward them with even more money.

They know players will struggle with the sunken cost of /x hours played, not to mention the emotional attachment you feel to your main squeeze, and eventually cough up the money to ‘save’ their toon if it becomes too ugly.

Just IMAGINE tomorrow. When the servers come back online, YOU WILL FINALLY HAVE A KEYRING

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Uh-huh… that’s just why they’re implementing this…

“Paid transfers” and “Paid transfers for anyone to go anywhere they want” are two different things. Just because Blizzard is setting up the necessary infrastructure for the former, it doesn’t mean we’ll get the latter.

I am confusion.

Are there some secret Alliance only servers I don’t know about?

I mean sure, there could be some, but it’s impossible for it to be all servers.