Just got the heritage armor


Congrats on your new armor.
As far as heritage sets go here is the proper order of awesome:
Dark Iron
Void elf
LF draenei
Blood elf
High mountain

(Revolutionx) #19



All elf heritage armor should just be a troll mask.

(Rollo) #21

I wish my blood elf’s glorious sideburns didn’t punch clean through the helmet.

(Fajra) #22

I’m a fan of how the new LFR tint for the crown from Opulence looks with the Belf Heritage Armor. :heart_eyes:

(Kaivax) #23

I loved this questline so much.

Lor’themar on his hawkstrider, and me on mine.

Lighting memories, to keep them from fading.

Fighting alongside Silvermoon Rangers and Thalassian Priests.

“You will not pass while I draw breath!”

The appearance of a very famous villain.

“She was the Ranger-General of Silvermoon. Nothing will ever change that.”


(Aeolyn) #24

Maybe one day Night Elves will have a heritage questline so we can have some racial pride again.


Not worth a time spent. That transmog should be granted for unlocking race, not for grinding your way to max level.


Seeing the xmog set for Belf made me feel bad for my clutch of Darkspear trolls.

There is no way our wooden masks will ever be as epic as that! :disappointed:

(Tentaclatrix) #27

Yo Kaiv, would really appreciate it if you dropped a hint on what two Legacy Heritage comes after Gnomes/Tauren.

Just so I know who to level next, THANKS!

(Ambridge) #28

… you don’t unlock Blood Elves…

though yes, I feel like the heritage armor and the mount rewards should be swapped…

(Bipzi) #29

I needz ma Goblin Heritage Armour, make it happen Blizz!

I mean seriously, you’ve given other races their new models AND heritage armour first. Get with the program!


But Sylvanas is our leader, silly elf.


I do so agree.
(I need normal Nighthold tier, but still.)

(Aeolyn) #32

I know this isn’t helpful but if Blizzard cares at all about narrative after the Mecha-Gnome stuff happens and the Gnomes get lore and their heritage armor in 8.2 the next batch after Gnome / Tauren should really be Night Elf and Forsaken.

Night Elves not getting their heritage armor during the events of BFA would be a tragedy from a writing perspective. Especially with the Night Elves walking up to Anduin in his throne room and telling him that they’re going to handle their own stuff in Darkshore and don’t give a crap. The Night Elves have lost their home and they feel isolated and they need to ask themselves who they are going forward. Their heritage and racial identity is being brought into question directly in the narrative. They need to recognize that they are indeed part of the Alliance and that they are greater than their big tree and xenophobia. Its okay for Night Elves to be the aggressive distrustful outsider race but they do bring something to the table and it does have value. A heritage story is the best way to embrace that and would be a good counterpoint to the loss of Darnassus.

The only other acceptable way to go would be to do the Worgen story since Genn specifically is reaching out to help his elven allies where Anduin feels his resources are spread too thin as it is. I would kind of hope that Gilneas and the Worgen heritage line could be a part of a bigger plot point later and this feels like the weaker direction to go in even though I really do like the way Genn has been handling himself in BFA so far. He’s like the only dude I feel is being written well right now.

Horde side, this is the Sylvanas show right now and the Forsaken should fully embrace their time in the spotlight. Give them a heritage celebration Horde side the same time the Alliance Night Elves get ours. The alternative route to take would be the Darkspear re-establishing themselves as a clan post Vol’jin which is a story I’d like to see have a wider reach, like the proposed Worgen thing earlier.

Of course Blizz could do anything because its their game but if they want to actually address the themes and relevant races of the expansion so far they SHOULD stick with the pieces on the table and expand on them. But then again…well, I’m not quite sure how the Tauren heritage stuff is going to fit in with 8.2 and while I never did the Dwarf or Blood Elf quests I’m not sure how well they fit in the current structure of the story.

But it remains to be seen how much Blizzard really truly cares about the story this expansion since we’re only like halfway there.

(Tentaclatrix) #33

You’re thinking too hard on this mate, it could simply be something as easy as the art team came up with an idea and now roll with it.

I don’t care what order they come in, as long as everyone gets em.

They practically already made Forsaken/Night elf armor with Warfronts anyways. Maybe they just want to do something else?

(Felsavior) #34

Oh dang man! That is a nice mog! That works really well.

(Aeolyn) #35

Well, yeah, but I’m a writer and I’ve worked on an online RPG previous. If they want to just toss them out randomly whenever they think they have a cool look for somebody they totally can. It’s their game, its their world. It would, though, be a stupid way to do that since heritage quests for the older races provide theme and context. I mean, the blue post was talking purely about the dialogue and story surrounding the heritage rather than the armor itself. Maybe I’m reading into things too much (its what I do, I can’t turn it off) but that suggests there is something valued here beyond cosmetics.

I’d like to see more WoW race writing. I realize I’m much more hopeful than I should be.


Would be nice if the Legion Allied Races got quests instead of this slog requirement of leveling from 20 to 110.

(Tondaleo) #37

You are fabulous already. You wear dumpster fire well.