Just got my two piece - Splitting Ice or Comet Storm?

Should I still be using Splitting Ice or switch to Comet Storm?

Ps. PvE

Splitting ice for cleave and aoe and fights where an add will spawn in occasionally like the fallen oracle.

Comet for single target.

you will never use comet storm talent unless its single target fights only in raid. Splitting ice is your go to especially if your running slick ice legendary. If you are running cold front which you typically do on fortified weeks you will run freezing rain. If you are NF and still running freezing winds you will always run splitting ice on both tyrannical and fortified weeks. Hope this helps

Quick question, is Cold Front viable as NF or Freezing Winds is a lot better? I assume NF is miles ahead of Necrolords during Fortified week.

Nf Disciplinary command would be the better choice than freezing winds on fort. Coldfront works best with necrolord. That is because of how much more synergy it has with deathborne and the covenant legendary. You can try it with night fae, but you won’t get as much mileage out of it as oppose to being a necrolord.

edit: I’ll clarify that nf freezing winds is still okay to use. If you have it and like it then stick with it :wink:

Alright, I appreciate it, heard that NF was better for Fortified, so I’ll probably be using it during these weeks as I needed to craft my AoE legendary.