Just got back to SP, what the hell happened

Proc-fiesta spec? Proc this proc that, now this and now this. Way too many buttons doing the same thing. The class as a whole feels incredibly bloated.

What happened to dots feeling powerful? Why is mindflay now objectively the worse playstyle?

Coz ppl wanted spike back. Unfortunately blizzard brought it back…but put it into the talent tree…so now to justify spending the talent points on that…it has to be stronger than flay… That cannot change till they remowe it from the tree.

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Flay is actually better than spike next tier because we need the talent points to reach stuff for the tier set and the changes to insanity procs meant we don’t clip the flays as much.

Well that’s something.
The proc playstyle really throws me off tho, like I have 4 different buttons lighting up at the same time. This is not fun game design and was never really what SP was about .

Shadow had mind blast and mind spike procs throughout MoP and WoD, also the “proc” you get after casting devouring plague isn’t a proc. It’s mind flay insanity which again, has been part of the spec since MoP, they just gave it a visual.


You had 2 procs , everything else was just telling you you can use this now. I much prefer the proc playstyle. This crap now has me completely swapping class to a mage. They lost an off healer because this shadow sucks so bad I won’t play the class at all.