Just Give Us Templates In Random Bg

Just Give Us Templates In Random Bg.

I dont feel like this needs explaining. The gear difference at max level, and also twinking in lower levels.

im not designed to puke poop…tyvm


No, at least not Legion style templates. They were horrible. There are better ways.

i guess i just miss the days where i come home from work and didnt have to work more. plus i have no friend and no social skill…

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100% in support of templating just the random nonrated bgs. This way you could enjoy your bgs on a fresh alt or even trying a new spec out without getting one shot from a ret pally on accident. You could gear up this way and then once you get gear from templated pvp, you can hop into the rated stuff thats more gear dependent.


Why expand on a failed system, when we can expand on proven success.


pretty sure the devs are going to spaz out and just recycle templates like they try to recycle everything else that players had no interest in.

They should just turn on the buff they had on beta during PvP testing for randoms (and probably rated too). The buff just scaled whatever gear you had on to 213. They could still have tiered PvP gear locked behind rating for out-of-PvP ilvl but just flipping the switch on a buff they already made and tested would be so easy and would solve the issue of gear disparity instantly.

I’d love to level a ton of alts and play randoms all day on different specs like I did in Legion and to a lesser extent WoD. Plus you’d keep your stat distribution instead of your stats being templated. Should be win-win for everyone but the “MUH RPG!!!111” crowd.


The industry as a whole has shifted into rediscovering the RPG systems in which these games were created on.
Arcade style MMO RPG will work, although it is a step down in depth imo.

Players/Characters who just want to log an hour or so for BGs every night were quite viable in Blue Honor sets + options, for advancement if desired.
Previous expansions systems.


exactly this. options were available but now theyve removed pathways to slower gear acquisition with some players reinforcing the gating; while disregarding class imbalance, op borrowed power systems, carries, etc.

its ludicrous


The Gap has been set, and players who did not experience eras before “Template savior” do not know where else to look.
Here we are.


Blizzard are really blind on the current state of PVP, and that’s why i no longer play retail wow. everyone should be equal and have only secondary stats that scales with your itemlvl pretty much.

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I’m down for templates returning if they let you choose secondary stats.
I’d love to stack haste on a boomkin and get the wrath machinegun going again.

They aren’t blind. Blizzard just doesn’t care


Or maybe doesn’t have anyone working on PvP.

No templates … that’s horrible . Just don’t put upgrades behind rated play . Allow a slow unrated grind to better gear .

Templates were garbage in Legion. Some classes could wreck face in world pvp and then were worthless in real pvp and vice versa. It was a hot dumpster fire of doo doo covered rags.