Just give us server only RDF, nothing else

its simple, its easy, its efficient.

thats it, boom done. now everyone can stop drowning the forums.

no new tech for your team to try and make a thing. you could have just given us the dungeon group creator thing from retail which is amazing, but no you gave us its bastard child for some reason.

if you wont give us the server only retail thing. then give us server only RDF!!

someones que takes longer than 30 min? sure, open it up for Xserver


At this point with the amount of work they put into the new system and time left to get the beta working enough to go live they don’t have the time to go back on the cal that has already been made even if they wanted to.

As much as people would like rfd at the start of wrath it’s not going to happen. Blizzard won’t want to cave into demand and the waste the dev time on the useless system they made.

At most we will see rfd in a later phase and if added in a later phase there is 0 reason for a change to make it server only that only will punish those on dying or more dead realms and further the mega server being the only way to play mindset. Opening it after 30 min dosent help at all as now your needless extending ques. If it was opening after the avg que time accross all realms is reached would be a reasonable benchmark. As than each realm has comparable ques.

Also, Server only lfg is in fact the exact opposite of what the devs stated goal was in there blue post about changes in wrath. It goes more adverse to the health of servers than not having rfd. As not having rfd or more tot he point not x realm, means small servers that can manage to keep guilds stocked enough for raid night still fall apart due to lack of players and groups outside of raiding.

Your right that is it.

Boom! Done.

:popcorn: :sunglasses:


sure, but then again they had no plans at making WoW Classic either, and see what happened? Never underestimate people’s persistence.

Make Wrath Great Again #BringBackRDF


I don’t see nor understand why this is not even being considered to have RDF. That was one of the greatest tools we had when Wrath opened. The issue is that the current BCC version no one uses. Let me repeat, NOONE! Chat is constantly spammed to fill dungeon groups. A huge majority, including myself love the RDF tool simply because I am able to que into a dungeon to complete my quests without having to spam LFG chat for longer than an hour in hopes of finding a tank or a healer. If it’s the " keep the community alive " thing, then only give us the RDF. We don’t need raid finder anyways. That is where the true issue lies anyways. I’m not asking to make classic just like retail. There are great things in retail that I would like to see in classic. AOE loot, RDF, guild perks, transmog just to name a few. I would like to see talent trees continue on in upcoming expansions.


Free Xfers to it and Blizzard will see how much their community actually wants RDF. If only they sent out an actual survey prior to this random decision.


Server only RDF will only force people onto mega servers even more so, because it won’t be useful for smaller realms.

It will cause even more servers to collapse. Just leave it in the way it was originally.

I don’t see why everyone’s so obsessed with people -having- to manually make dungeons for heroic dungeon content. It’s ridiculous.

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The lack of a dungeon finder does that already.

And even in a mega server you’re still going to run into elite gatekeepers. So it doesn’t solve that problem.


Yes, but if you make the RDF server only, you’re going to see the issue get worse, at least I believe it will, I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

How would it make it worse? How would making dungeons more accessible with lfd drive more players from lower pop servers?


I’d be down for stuff like this if it actually went to people playing the game. It would have to be something IN GAME that EVERYONE sees though, or it’s entirely pointless.

Also, you guys are replying to a 2 week old thread that someone just bumped randomly from the bottom of the forum.

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Becuase small servers still suffer from small population sizes.

Yes, they become a bit more accessible, but in a cross server example, if you get home at midnight, and want to roll into a heroic to destress from work or something, you will likely be able to find a group with cross server RDF.

on a small server with a limited population, in non-prime hours your still going to have issues with potentially getting all the rolls filled.

It will be easier than starting manual groups. 100%.

However I would be considered server only RDF would only exacerbate people migrating to mega servers for larger player pools, to reduce wait times.

We haven’t tried same server RDF ever, so prehaps I am wrong, I’m willing to admit I might be, but I don’t think I am wrong.

I didn’t notice the Necro until now. Thnx mate.

But ya Blizz claimed it’s what the community wanted, but failed to actual survey the community in any form.

I’ve recently leveled a warlock all the way to 70, and every dungeon with random people I participated in was found in the LFG tool. Just because you don’t use it, doesn’t mean that a lot of people aren’t.

Why is it that auto grouping for 5 mans is okay, but auto grouping for raids is not okay? Why is the line drawn there? People use dungeons and raids for character progression, and if you listen to people on the forums, then the raid content is brain dead easy and only bad players will have problems with raids. So if the content is easy, why is the line drawn between those two?

RDF solves logistics of forming a group. Seems to me if you are okay with one, you should be okay with the other.

I should round up replies against LFD, go to a Twitter and show Brian the was wrong lmao. No one cares about talking, they care about gatekeeping and getting the perfect team or run with guilds at max level.

The player base in large has already elected to play on mega servers, which will continue to be seen with further mergers. Dragging heels to stop that is just going against the flow.

I don’t want to be on a mega server.

I’m on an RP realm, because I like RP realms. And mega servers are -not- RP realms. I enjoy my roleplaying in my down time, but I also don’t think engaging in roleplaying should require you to just simply have lower access to basic things.

Dragging all the RPers to a PvE mega server will kill RP, we already deal with enough greifers in our own servers. :expressionless:

You’re arguing that dungeon finder would drive more players to megaservers than not having dungeon finder, and I don’t see how that would be the case.

Dungeon finder alleviates the problems of having a low pop server by making the dungeon group forming process more convenient and accessible. So there’s less of a problem being in a low pop server trying to get into dungeons.

Or you could do what the OP suggests and keep the queue server-specific for a certain amount of time, and then open it up cross-realm.

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Wanting to play a more niche version of the game comes with consequences. Anyways, I doubt there hits a point where there aren’t RP servers at all; people who want to play a more RP-based version of the game can’t get that on a mega server.

I’d personally prefer cross server RDF.

Because that’s the way it was originally.

We’ve not had server only RDF. Yes, people will leave small servers without RDF, they are already doing it.

I just personally am concerned making it RDF that only works on your own server might make mega servers even more enticing to people.

I’d much prefer it be cross server RDF so that the player pool is equal, and allows everyone equal access to the heroic dungeons people will be grinding for badges.