Just give raids a stacking 1% damage buff for unique specs

(Moriarty) #1

Every unique spec in a raid gives a 1% damage buff, there, done. Sounds silly, but then you already have DH and Monk giving 5% just for being there and Mage/Warrior giving 3% (using real int and not just scrolls). Just take it one step farther to reign in the class stacking and make it so you have a reason to take different things even if it’s not the best of the best.

Yes it sounds dumb, but so is taking 10 Shadowpriests to the first boss of Crucible and 10 Warlocks to the 2nd.


Bad idea but i know where you are going. I would love to see more buff in different spect like 5% crit buff, 2% haste buff, etc etc


ie. revert class design in terms of group buffs back to the wrath days, eg. moonkin aura = +5% group crit

(Thunderçatz) #4

Or just reintroduce the stacking %dmg/healing increases as in Wrath dungeons. Or just do the % health/damage nerf such as in WoD/MoP. Either or, it would give a nerf without directly nerfing mechanics. Giving a unique class/spec any stacking increase is bad, because even if some people are doing horribly with the class/spec others are doing good despite its pitfalls.

Ferals for example are often not taken to raids because of the stigma against them, but they can often do tons of damage in many a players hands. Giving a stacking anything will just bring up the low end some but skyrocket the high end, causing people just to switch and cheese bosses when the Ferals get a 30% dmg increase.


ya so give ferals back their leader of the pack +5% (?) group crit from the pre-legion days