Just give me a lil' more for Void Elves, please

Blood Elves aren’t the only race that has say brown and blonde hair, get over yourself.

I could understand your point, if we were asking for say Goblins.

But Blood Elves are EXACTLY like the Pandaren, with being the exact same minus a few morals and they eye color thing, on each faction. But back then Neutral races didn’t exist. Allied races were the perfect way to begin to implement it.

Which honestly giving us normal skin tones and not hair tones is more of a slap in the face, then allowing us the High Elf feel that has ALWAYS existed on the alliance.

The unique factor for them, honestly lies solely with the eye color as it should, and having 99% of the hawk strider mounts as well as Silvermoon.

First off, thank you for the links and the info. Secondly I believe I remember BC mentioned Blood Elven eyes healing over time with their new Sunwell too. I just assume the yellow eyes are in part from the new Sunwell and that the light can remove Fel (as shown by when Xe’ra tried to ‘fix’ Illidan).

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play damn horde if you want to have blood elf


It’s super populated, sure, but all of their zones are barren and gross.


I’ld say it’s a bigger slap in the face for Blood Elves to have their identity diluted by Void elves. You keep likening Blood Elves to Pandaren, but while Pandaren were introduced as faction neutral Blood Elves sure were not.


The irony on a Helfer saying this while at ths same time people from this niche fanbase say the Belves are the superficial side of the thalassians…

You have MASSIVE lack of lore knowledge to the point it´s not a wonder how you reached the conclussion Belves = Helves = Velves culturally wise. They´re the same species yes, but deffinitely NOT the same culture.

Helves are the Human Potential worshippers (and yes this is lore, even said in game by Elisande). Velves are the edgy Human Potential worshippers. Belves are the monster buddies. Pretty big differences between one side and the other two specially cause it has prejudice and social connotations implied (ergo, Helves/Velves indeed keep the old prejudice against the Horde races while Belves are slowly ditching them and integrating to the Horde firmly).


Well, the chance is better than it used to be since one of the biggest proponents for blood elf druids is now a community manager.

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Fingers crossed!!!

Ok, did you feel this way when they announced black skinned Blood Elves, because that wasn’t part of this so called “identity” you speak of for them. Where as High Elves = Blood Elves, completely for all intents and purposes, minus politics and some morals. These options are to represent the High Elves of the alliance without making a new race, as well as the new Elves who undergo intensive Void training with Alleria & Locuswalker.

I guess I just don’t understand how it is a slap to the face to someone that the other faction of which you also pay for the option of, now has more options, if anything, you’d think it would make people happy to be said race on either side, I sure as heck am to get to do that.

With culture being the only separating factor, really (voidforging aside), as I’ve mentioned before, there isn’t a need for them to look different or a reason for it to look different honestly. Except maybe some tattoo or jewelry differences, but everything else technically should be the same. Culture doesn’t dictate hair or skin color, which is all I’m saying, along with many other people.

Not to mention that until they do Unholy light stuff, or get some glyphs for Shadow spells, Void Elves won’t be Paladins…even though we have High Elf paladins and Half Elf paladins.

Which, as you brought up with Elisande, the high Elf tones and potential hair color or ear sizes if we get them, is to represent High & Half elves from human mingling and what not. Without making yet another playable Elf race. Why don’t people understand that?

Also, I’ve never said that Blood Elves are more superficial?

BUT thinking about it, there was a BLUE POST talking about Void Elves recieving the navy blue/black underwear on their High Elf skin tones, in Beta atm they use Blood Elven underwear still. So I wouldn’t be surprised if other options ie: a couple natural hair colors and maybe ear size sliders found their way to them by launch or perhaps in patches to follow launch, as I’m sure over time other allied races will receive stuff too, I mean, they already are getting some things by the looks of it.

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A bunch of member of your fanclub do. And the devs, apparently, who love to make jabs about this time and time again (remember the Belf tourists on Dazaralor? cause I ´member…) while happily ignoring everything else surrounding the Belves.

I HOPED Belf customization would at least reference the event that made the Blood Elves take into the name and change their allegiances but noooo… pretty jewerly for the airheads only, bleh.


This probably wouldn’t be much of a problem if they gave Belves Dark Ranger, San’layn and Felblood style looks. Something to set things apart. So far the customizations lack some imagination and creativity.


I didn’t know that. Also, I’ve never really followed the groups the advocated for High Elves, and had like a billion threads for. I’d talk about wanting them, or watch YouTube theories, but the only community I ever got involved with for getting a race, was the Vulpera, because those guys are so cute, lol.

In my opinion the differences between said Elves are rather minimalistic, which is why I never thought we’d get any form of them on the Alliance until they made it to where races could be either or.

I want to state that I am still overly grateful and ecstatic for Void Elves, and I’m beyond joyful of the new skin tones alone. Like I’ve gone on wowhead and just the skintones make my mogs look so much better. I don’t mind if we don’t get any hair color add ons.

I understand how it is a bit greedy to want the hair colors and ear sliders, I won’t die without them, or riot, and I’ll continue to main Void & Blood Elves either way. But I’m still gonna say I want them, and ask for them, in the event that they decide to give them to us, honestly. Like not gonna lie, I’d love to have the same toon essentially no matter what faction I’m playing on (which aside from hair color and racials, I’m basically getting right now, which I like the racials being different because it’s a nice mix up when I swap toons).

Honestly if they don’t add a Dark Ranger skin for Death Knights at least, I’d be heavily disappointed, some of the skin tones that did get added seem kinda Fellblooded imo, but they went to the Void Elves too, so it kinda defeats that point to give them the weird Green/Tan colors.

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At the very minimum the freaking TBC artbox tattoos and some scars ffs!! Anything that gives more depth to the race than “only worried about pretty stuff and parties!!”

These are the people that lost 90% of the population to a zombie catastrophe that humbled them down to the point they became allies with their former enemies out of necessity and became their friends out of social interaction, ffs.


Attempting to insinuate my disagreement of Blood Elf identity is in any way related to racisim is, frankly, insulting. I never once mentioned skin color changes to Blood Elves. That was an unnecessary attack on your part. You should be ashamed of yourself.

It is a “slap in the face” to those who were proud of the uniqueness of playable Thalassian elves on the Horde. You can attempt to disregard the fact that some people enjoy that distinction, but it exists. We were the playable Thalssian elves, and every day people like yourself ask to chip away at that identity.

However, I’m not going to give someone who tries to bring racism into an argument where it does not belong the time of day.
Good bye


I hate to break it to you, but you’re still the only playable Thalassian on the Horde, and Void Elves are Thalassian Elves on the Alliance.

No, you just consistantly talked about how skin and hair colors on the alliance would take away from the ‘identity’ that Horde Blood Elves have.

Like the Alliance isn’t getting Silvermoon, essentially Alliance High Elves are Stormwind Elves, or Silvermoom exiles/relocaters.

So, I mean you can praddle on about how your sense of identity is being taken away, but the points you bring up still sit on not being ok with skin or hair color options, for a race that in the lore already has them. For a model/race that is getting the options to represent another race, without making a new one, like Wildhammer->Ironforge or one of the like 50 troll tribes->Darkspear…

I’d totes rock some Arcane Rune tatts on my Pally.


I agree OP. Skin Tunes is nice atleast in terms of Normal. But I want to see more Variety for Void Elves. Like Void Skin Tunes that is original like Void Pink, Black, Brown, Gray, and Well even other nicer colors than Blue, Hair Colors that is like White, Black, Blonde, Brown, Ginger/Orange, Pure Red, and also Light Blue, Ear Options of Half Elves, Hairstyles like the Blood Elf Ones, and High Elf Ones like Alleria, Tattoos/War Paint, Beards, Scars, and etc.

Variety would be so great for Void Elves.

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We are an ungrateful pack of brats, aren’t we.


No I picked a Voidblood Elf.

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Y’all are never satisfied are you? You just won’t quit until you take away every bit of uniqueness that Blood Elves have.

Selfish, greedy, ungrateful spoiled brats.


Someone is triggered. Lol hairstyles are shared all the time between races. I personally don’t want blood elf hair colors. I do however want natural hair colors that are new and unique for void elves.


they need to add blood elf hair to void elves. and i’m 70% sure they will.

some of the hairstyles and hair colors void elves have do not fit at all with the blood elf skin colors.


I agree with you. As long as there are some natural hair colors that can compliment the natural skin tones. I don’t care if they are imported from an existing race, or created new and unique for void elves. I do see them adding a blonde and brunette hair color though. The void elf hair colors just look silly now with the natural skin tones implemented.