Just cant get frost mage tower down

I seriously can’t do it. I must be trash. Im itemized, socketed, trinketed, flasked, etc.

Idk if the orb/blizzard cdr screwed it up or what, but I can’t do it.

I realize I could try the fire one, but I need the twins for the meta achievement and book mount.

RIP :frowning:

Logon with your mage to see your talents and gear.

It is hard in a way that you have to be constantly observing everything happening. Make sure you have the trinket from Nythendra (emerald nightmare) that does a lot of damage and gives you plenty of leech. It will kill waves of adds and instantly heal you.

Don’t use lonely winter so you can move your pet into the circles you have to soak to keep that big add from spawning. Use frozen orb/blizzard to keep melee twin from hitting you.

There’s a lot going on. Just keep going.


Here he is! Should I switch to a crit build? I dont think theres anything else I could possibly improve on gear wise.

When in mage tower im scaled to:
26% haste
21% crit
20% mastery
4% vers

Using defiled augment rune, cinnamon bonefish stew, greater flask of endless fathoms, potion of prolonged power, and shadowcore oil.

Do you want to kill the adds? I thought they were supposed to live for ticks of frost orb cooldown reduction.

I haven’t attempted mage tower since Legion,

However my recollection was that this was an execution fight. Some tips:

  • Watch video guides on how to do the fight

  • Make sure you’re as prepared as possible with buffs, equipment, etc.

  • PRACTICE - successfully beating the encounter may require literally dozens of attempts.

    • Think of it like a mythic raid boss progression fight - dozens or even hundreds of attempts may be needed.
    • As you repeatedly attempt the fight, the practice should teach you everything about the encounter. The timing of every ability the bosses use. What to press to counter it and when, etc.
    • Once you have practiced enough, you’ll know the fight by reflex. You’ll know what to do and do it without having to think about it. This speeds your reaction time.
    • Even when you master the fight, you may still need to keep trying until you get one perfectly-executed attempt with no misakes.
  • Just like a mythic raid boss progression fight, this process can take a long time and can be demoralizing. You might try for weeks or months without seeming to make any progress… until finally it clicks.

  • Because so many attempts may be needed, don’t expect to beat the encounter in one session of attempts. Don’t overdo it.

    • Maybe try 8 or 10 times in a session, then put it aside and resume another night. Even then it may take a few weeks or even months of attempts to finally beat it.
    • The goal is to memorize everything about the challenge and build reflexes to respond to it. It’s better to stop when you’re still fresh, then to keep trying when you’re frustrated. If you’re playing badly because you’re tired or frustrated, you probably aren’t building helpful reflexes.

they can get overwhelming at times, but yes using them for CDR is nice

Im having the most trouble with karam and the hands. Specifically in p5. I waste so much time/procs killing the hands that I never pump damage into raest. Eventually Karam is simply too fast to kite anymore and Raest is still at around 20%.

I get greedy with brain freeze procs and don’t want to use them on hands because Raest needs to die.