Just bought 1 stocks run, then I thought about it - pls offer perspective

So I’m a guild Master; we’ve been doing very well - and there’s a new phase coming out. recently the GDKP ban was announced. This morning; on my alt on Living Flame alli - I paid a terrible level 25 mage 2g 50s for a practice run of his stocks boost. I’m curious; as GDKP is now on the table to be bannable; is buying boosts going to be bannable as well? Am I at any certain risk as the buyer? This happened 2/2/2024; I could just be paranoid; but I want to hear what the community has to say. The last thing I want to do is grief my guild by buying a damn Stocks run; as it has been “acceptable” in every other iteration in the game.

I would argue according to the devs definition boosting is acceptable as long as you’re still rolling on items

e.g you buy a stocks boost, and roll on all the drops, or don’t take any drops - according to their definition acceptable

e.g if you buy a wc run explicitly to gain a specific drop I would argue you are no longer in the clear

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This is one of the most toxic things ive ever read on the forums. Just run the freaking dungeon, jesus christ. Why the need to pay some shmuck to run you?

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Ty for posting - this is exactly what I was thinking. Like no more “Lord Cobrahn” runs; no more “WTB Silverlane Signet” runs etc - I just wanted just enough xp in SW to hit 17 and rank up spells before deadmines. Ty for quoting that.

This is a good thing. If people hate the game so much that they can’t bother to actual “play” it, they shouldn’t even subscribe.


I appreciate you; I didn’t even think towards DM:N. But ty for offering your perspective… I just really didn’t even think about it walked right in like it was 2010 for a bit of xp and completely thought about the new “GDKP” policy as I was walking out.

I would be very careful, they could have just said in raid groups, because absolutely nobody does gdkp dungeon runs, but they very specifically included dungeon runs in their “definition” of GDKP

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exactly; this is why I wanted some opinion and clarification. Thanks a bunch. <3

Maybe? Like, mostly at risk of paying gold for a service that isn’t worth it for you, but not very likely at risk of any account action, at least nothing that people have been talking about.

There hasn’t been any mention of services such as mage ports, warlock summons, dungeon boosting, enchanting, etc. being on the table for bans, but who knows?

Worst case scenario, you need to make a new account and level new toons, or play a different game for a while.


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You’re right - Appreciate that; especially on the third one - just an inconvenience; lol. I have ticketed Blizz asking bc now im just genuinely curious.

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Literally nothing stopping you from buying a run and “tipping”. As long as there is no in game chat it can’t be proven.

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wowclassic subreddit is saying im absolutely safe; but truth is; when new policy/procedure/tech is implemented you never really know what is safe; ya know? im probably just paranoid /shrug

then i should be absolutely fine… this dude was STRUGGLING and I was just cheering him on lol. its a very crazy solo pull. Thanks for that; my main concern was the “buying the run” after some of these new policies have been announced.

The policies dont go in effect until phase 2 so you’re good regardless

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thanks again - love A52 folks. <3

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I have gotten confirmation that this is an A-Okay thing to do from Blizzard. : )ty all

Gdkp is banned on the 8th. If you’re worried dont do it after the 8th.
I bought a stocks run to see how fast it was and nobody was doing it for quests, the xp was the same as me just solo farming deadmines.

I doubt blizzard cares about boosting, but it might be nerfed somehow or banned if the community decides its bad.

lol you must be very new to these forums if this is one of the most toxic things you have seen… brace yourself!

Yes, unless you don’t loot anything.

Yeah! Playing the game by selling services for ingame gold isn’t playing properly!!!

2024 is the year y’all will learn to PLAY PROPERLY AND HAVE FUN!

or get banned