Just another FPS problem

ive been at this for over a week and cant fix it, ive done everything from what i seen in the support forums, and even put in tickets but not getting real responses. or seems like they arent really reading what i send them. Ive tried to reset my user interface, checked driver and windows updates, lowered graphics settings and switched to directx11. closed all background running uninstalled my addon application as welll as renaming the WTF, Interface, and cache folders. lauched WoW without any addons at all and still. extremely low FPS. I might get to 60 fps for like 10 seconds then dips way down to like 5-10 fps. also nothing is overheating, i have a fairly good comp and never had this much trouble trying to fix something on this game for 10yrs. Is there anything else i missed or havent done to be able to fix this?

We can’t assist without basic troubleshooting information, like a DxDiag.

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